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A few of my favourite things #94

I didn’t post a life update last Monday because the previous seven days pretty much consisted of Toy Story and more Toy Story. Not that that’s a bad thing; Jenson has pretty good taste in movies. So I decided to do a bumper post this week instead. Here’s a little look back at life over the last couple of weeks.

Toy Story

In anticipation of the cinematic release of Toy Story 4, we’ve spent the last few weeks watching the first three films on a bit of a loop (with some Monsters Inc thrown in for good measure). The kid loves these films and knows the difference between all of them. He was promised some new toys in return for hitting some pretty big milestones and was a very happy bunny. He’s taken Buzz to bed every night since.

Toy Story toys

He loves going to the cinema. This was the first time he stayed in a chair the whole time. He’s a bit of a popcorn hog though! We’re looking forward to Frozen 2 next.

Toy Story 4 cinema

Crafty Little Learners

Jenson and I reviewed the first Crafty Little Learners box and had so much fun on our bug hunt. We love any opportunity to explore outdoors and these boxes are a great way to encourage learning through play.

Crafty Little Learners - pre-school subscription box review

Falmouth evening out

I went out! I waved goodbye to a much-loved colleague last week over dinner and drinks and in Falmouth. We went to KinnAsia (highly recommended – Massaman is my new favourite curry) and The Seafood Bar, where I treated myself to a whole three alcoholic beverages and shared two tasty desserts. The fruity beers at The Seafood Bar are amazing. I must explore Falmouth more.

The Seafood Bar, Falmouth

New parents evening

We met Jenson’s new teacher last week and a few of my ‘starting Big School’ worries were put to rest. She’d already visited Jenson’s nursery to meet the children who will be going up and I was surprised that she welcomed him by name when we walked into the classroom.

Jenson was so happy there and didn’t want to leave. He has his first stay and play on Thursday and is already talking about me staying at home and picking him after. I’m glad he’s feeling so confident.

I’m really impressed with the school so far. They’ll be having weekly swimming lessons from October, at just £1.20/session. And they cater school dinners to the children’s needs. I was worried they’d label Jenson a fussy eater, as he likes quite plain, dry food, but they’re happy to adapt the daily meals to his preferences, such as pasta without sauce, veggies with no gravy, and no beans ever. And if he doesn’t fancy the set lunch that day he can have a sandwich and fruit, so we don’t even have to worry about packed lunches on off days.

Front Room date

One thing I really hate is letting Jenson down. I rarely tell him about what we’re going to do in advance in case he gets his hopes up and plans change. In the space of three days, we’d had plans change with two friends, cancelled swimming lessons, and there were no Toy Story toys in Happy Meals. Fortunately he handled these really well and we had a Front Room date to make up for it. It’s one of his favourite places because, more often than not, we get the top floor completely to ourselves, can play with toys, and share some cake. He was so flippin’ adorable and said: “I love you, Mummy. Thank you for bringing me to The Front Room”. No, you’re crying!

Coffee and cake from The Front Room

Sidebar: The chocolate and banana cake is amazing.

Library loans

Some of my hold titles became available at the library, so I stopped by to pick up Be the Change and Brand Brilliance. While I was there I spotted How to be Happy and, yes, judged it by its cover. My TBR keeps growing… Have you read any of these?

Be the Change - book

Brand Brilliance - book

How to Be Happy - book

Mazey weekend

I don’t know if it’s just me but Mazey Day and Quay Day just aren’t what they used to be. If you’re Cornish, you’ll know all about the local celebrations on the last weekend of June. In recent years it’s basically become an excuse for a weekend of day drinking but Jenson loved watching the parade, going to the fair, and getting his face painted. Look how cute!

Jenson tiger face paint

Growing my own

Remember my Bloom Your Message post back in March? They’re growing!

Bloom Your Message

I’m also growing sweeetpeas, one of my favourite flowers. I can’t wait to see them flower.


I’ve got a cheeky extra day off tomorrow and we’re planning on an extra family swim. I’ve decided to use my remaining annual leave for random days off over the summer when Luke isn’t working and Jenson isn’t in nursery. Gotta make the most of those family days before he starts school! Have a lovely week :)

3 thoughts on “A few of my favourite things #94”

  1. ‘A few of my favourite things’ is one of my favourite blog post series to read! I love newsy, family updates with a mix of books and other lifestyle bits. I don’t have children, but Jenson is a cutie. He seems like a top kid, and he looks so happy to have his face painted. I was interested to see what library books you picked up, and I added ‘Be the Change’ to my Goodreads page. All those covers are so aesthetically pleasing too!! My Dad and I have been growing potatoes, and it’s been quite exciting digging up our first batch this week. I dabbled with growing rhubarb too; it’s a perfect addition to a crumble. Hope you have a great week ahead! :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

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