A few of my favourite things #98

Uh oh, what’s happened to the summer? Is it just me that’s starting to get a whiff of autumn? Not gonna lie, when summer came around I was all for it but I do think autumn is my favourite season. But enough being British and talking about the weather (I actually identify as Cornish, in case the blog name wasn’t a big enough clue), let’s take a look back at the things that made me smile last week.

Monday morning

The week started out rather damp and miserable but I was fully equipped for my 90-minute commute – coffee, fresh almond croissant and a cracking book. Pop back later in the week for a review in my next ‘what I’ve been reading lately’ post.

Monday morning commute

Lettering practice

Dom bought me my first Tombow pen and I’ve been practicing in this handy pad I picked up from The Works (which I can’t seem to find online to link to, soz). I think it’s my favourite brush pen so far and I’m hoping to treat myself to a full set soon.

Lettering practice

Lettering practice

A seaside stroll

I had an early morning appointment last week and decided to walk back along the seafront. It reminded me why I love living here.

Morning seaside stroll

I was a bit stressed that morning as I was supposed to have a large chunk of the day to myself but Jenson was off sick. After battling the mum guilt (how dare I be pissed at the change of plans when my child is poorly!), I savoured the quiet walk home in the sunshine.

Morning seaside stroll

Morning seaside stroll

Sunny weekends with Jenson

The kid soon bounced back and the next day I got to pondering what to do with him . We ended up heading to the library and not one but two parks (gold star for me!), followed by a spontaneous outdoor picnic – how very unlike me!

Sunny weekends with Jenson

Seriously, how flippin’ photogenic is this kid?

Sunny weekends with Jenson

He also made my heart swell a bit with his first family portrait. His drawings have only recently started resembling actual objects and this one is definitely a keeper.

Jenson's first family portrait

With just a few weeks until he starts school (no, I won’t stop going on about it), I’m still trying to squeeze loads in. We’ve got one of this final ‘parent and child’ swimming lessons this week and, weather permitting, we’ll pop to a local family fun day. I’m hoping we’ll go a week without sick days too so I can finally get back into Grow & Glow. Wish me luck.

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