A few of my favourite things #101

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The reluctant countdown to the end of the summer continues and this week sees two lasts – Jenson’s last swimming lesson with me in the pool before solo Big Boy Lessons start next week and his last day at pre-school. What a week! But let’s have a quick look back at the things that made me smile last week.

Hashtag Authentic

I finally read Sara Tasker’s Hashtag Authentic and found it so educational and inspiring. I’m certainly noticing a lot more when I’m out and about and learning to capture what I can.

Hashtag Authentic book by Sara Tasker

Yellow flower

Painter, Newlyn

Fisherman's Statue, Newlyn

Newlyn, Penzance

I’m normally rushing around with Jenson but it’s so nice to slow down and notice the beauty in the day.

Old bike with flowers

Lettering practice

Last week I really struggled to create content for the blog (plenty of ideas, I just couldn’t get the words out) and spent more time practicing my lettering. After becoming frustrated when I couldn’t letter A Cornish Geek as well as I’d liked, I started practicing letter patterns.

Lettering practice

Lettering practice

I also started working on seasonal ideas and blended some of my STAEDTLER lettering pens (previous review products). Check out that old post to see how far I’ve come in just a few months.

Lettering practice

Lettering practice

I also used some gifted STAEDTLER triplus fineliners. I tried writing as if I was brush lettering and really liked the style. Frustratingly, I haven’t been able to replicate it since.

Lettering practice

Lettering practice

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

We only went and had a bleddy date night last week! I genuinely can’t remember the last time we went out on our own for dinner. A couple of cinema trips, yes, but not the ol’ dinner and a movie.

We’re both Tarantino fans so this made a change from the usual comic book fare. It wasn’t what I expected but I appreciate it more having read some interviews since.

Sunny walks with Jenson

Jenson and I like to get out of the house whenever we can, whether that’s going to the park, walking along the seafront, or checking out the boats in the harbour. Even on cloudy, breezy days, Penzance is still pretty beautiful.

Jubilee Pool, Penzance

Family picnic

We went for a picnic with my brother and his family last weekend and had a bit of a wander. The gardeners have cleared out the ponds and we love seeing how many fish we can spot. Check out these beauties.

Fish pond, Morrab Gardens

With 11 sleeps until Big School, I’m on a mission to cram in as much as I can – and find time to label all of that uniform. Wish me luck.

Have a lovely week :)

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