A few of my favourite things #104

I am so ready for half term. The idea of a whole week of no alarms, no rushing around, just slowing down and taking it easy sounds sooo good. I’m fortunate that the overtime I did last month has allowed me to take a week off, so we’ll be able to spend a few days back to back as a family for the first time in ages. But before this week of bliss, let’s take a look back at a few favourites from last week.


I won some rather epic giveaways. I adore my new bag from Papier. I actually won two (one for me and one for a friend), so I popped one in the post along with a few stationery goodies for a friend who needed a pick-me-up.

Papier tote bag

I also won Lydia‘s Personal Planner giveaway. I was able to customize my own 2020 diary, with accessories, and added a few erasable pens to the order too. I might do a separate review post on this.

New diary

Chalk drawings

We’ve been at it with the chalks again! Luke drew an outline of Elmer and Jenson and his friend coloured in the patchwork squares. It kept them quiet for a few minutes!

Elmer chalk drawing

Library books

I reserved a copy of Unicorn: The Memoir of a Muslim Drag Queen after reading nothing but good things about it on #Bookstagram. My library TBR pile is getting a bit out of hand but I’ll certainly be prioritising this one.

Unicorn book

Plots and plans

Abrams & Chronicle sent me one of their awesome Plots and Plans organisers.

Plots & plans from Abrams & Chronicle - review

It’s a rather stunning hardback with two notepads – you can write out your to do list and then schedule everything into your week.

Plots & plans from Abrams & Chronicle - review

Pretty and functional. I’m gonna be productive AF.

Plots & plans from Abrams & Chronicle - review

Plots & plans from Abrams & Chronicle - review

What has made you smile lately?

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