Kawaii stationery from Pango Productions

NSW19: Kawaii stationery from Pango Productions [sponsored]

[Ad - sponsored. This post is part of my sponsored campaign for National Stationery Week 2019. Find out more here] I'm kicking off this year's National Stationery Week coverage with a collaboration with Pango Productions. Something I haven't featured in my coverage over the last few years is children's stationery and I love that their… Continue reading NSW19: Kawaii stationery from Pango Productions [sponsored]


A few of my favourite things #62

Well hasn't this been a bloody lovely week?! Gotta make the most of that autumn sunshine. It's certainly chillier in the mornings when I head to work in the dark but I've been seizing the opportunity to explore outside with Jenson on my days off. Autumn bike ride Last weekend I took Jenson out on… Continue reading A few of my favourite things #62

Book swap September 2018
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A few of my favourite things #59

I've decided to mix things up a bit on the blog this week. I've done away with my weekly Saturday Share, in favour of a Follow Friday shout out on Twitter and Instagram, plus a top five in my monthly newsletter. Now that my hours have changed at work I've also decided to change my… Continue reading A few of my favourite things #59

Bomb Cosmetics bath bombs
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Rediscovering the joy of baths [Self-Care Sunday #45]

When people talk about acts of self-care, long, luxurious baths come up quite often. I've never really been a fan as I quite often find it to be a waste of time, particularly now that I'm a parent and time to myself doesn't come around that often. Now I'm a total convert. Taking half an… Continue reading Rediscovering the joy of baths [Self-Care Sunday #45]

Jenson Christmas 2017
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Christmas 2017 in photos

And, just like that, Christmas is over for another year. Well, I'm still celebrating for another week and a half as I don't go back to work until the eighth but, as far as Jenson is concerned, Christmas is over as he's opened all of his presents! During the festive period we've decorated trees, met… Continue reading Christmas 2017 in photos

30th birthday badge
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How I spent my 30th birthday

In case I didn't mention it enough already, I turned 30 last week. To celebrate/commiserate, I took the week off work and ended up with more plans in 11 days than I usually do in 11 months! For those of you who like photos of cocktails and stationery, here's a look at how I spent… Continue reading How I spent my 30th birthday

stationery swap November 2017

November stationery swap

Yep, I did another stationery swap. What can I say? Jocelyn is great at organising these things - and you can never have too much stationery. I was paired with Rebecca and she sent me an awesome package of goodies. My favourites are obviously unicorn-related. Such a cute postcard and colouring card. I always need… Continue reading November stationery swap

birthday christmas list 2017
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My 2017 birthday/Christmas wish list

In case I've not mentioned it enough already, I turn 30 at the end of the month - eek! People have been warned against surprise parties, speeches, singing and any memorabilia with my age on but, ya know, presents are always gratefully received. I'm not a monster! Now that I'm old there's nothing I really… Continue reading My 2017 birthday/Christmas wish list

lumberjanes #1 unicorn power review
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Lumberjanes: The perfect book for hardcore lady-types

I've read a lot of young adult books lately which I've wished were around ten or twenty years ago for me to appreciated at a younger age. Lumberjanes* is one such book and, come to think of it, it's a great book for females of any age. Released tomorrow, Lumberjanes: Unicorn Power! is the ultimate… Continue reading Lumberjanes: The perfect book for hardcore lady-types

stationery wish list

A stationery wish list

You may remember that I used to do 'item of the day' posts, where I'd share my favourite finds. I recently decided to switch to semi-regular wish list posts instead. It's been a while since the last one but I've continued to bookmark some of my favourite little treats and now it's time to share… Continue reading A stationery wish list