What’s in my pencil case: Danielle from Under the Rowan Trees

Welcome back to my new series: ‘What’s in my pencil case’. You know how you can find out a lot about a person when you look through their bookshelves or DVD collection? Well, I love having a nose through someone’s pencil case, so I’ve started a guest blogger series. I’m delighted to have fellow stationery nerd from Under the Rowan Trees as my third guest blogger.

What's in my pencil case: Danielle from Under the Rowan Trees

Hi, I’m Danielle from Under the Rowan Trees. I run an online independent stationery shop from my home in Northumberland where I live with my husband, son and cat, Milo.

When Emma asked me ‘What’s in your pencil case?’ my first reaction was – which one? As an ex-teacher, stationery has always been a massive part of my life, and you’ll never catch me without a pen or twenty in my bag.

What's in my pencil case: Danielle from Under the Rowan Trees

I order new stock for regularly, and I almost always end up keeping some for myself. As you can imagine, my collection is now rather expansive! I don’t get as much time to play with pens as I’d like to but that is something I’m working on.

My favourite pencil case is covered in narwhals. It was designed by Elena O’Neill – do check out her Etsy shop. I love that I can fit lots in but that it lays flat making it great for taking with me in my backpack.

What's in my pencil case: Danielle from Under the Rowan Trees

I’ve chosen some of my favourites to share with you today: Tombow is the most well-known manufacturer of brush pens. I started with their beginner lettering set which also includes a pencil, rubber and their two most popular pens, the ABT dual brush pens and the Fudenosuke brush pen. I think both are essential for lettering as can produce very different results. The Fudeosuke is my favourite for smaller projects but the colour range in the ABTs is amazing!

My ‘posh’ pens are by a German company called Kaweco. I got to make the fountain pen myself at The Stationery Show in London earlier this year. I’ve since added a rollerball and pencil to my collection. The quality and design of these pens are stunning and I’m gradually increasing the range I stock in my shop.

As you can see, I love Japanese stationery and Sakura and Zebra are another two of my most loved brands. The new mildliner brush pens produce excellent results, come in fifteen different colours (at the moment) and are great value for money. Kirarich glitter highlighters, also by Zebra, are great fun and underrated in my opinion.

Sakura is most well known for its Micron fineliners. The PN has a plastic nib making them more robust and perfect for everyday writing. They are my go-to, everyday pen. Gelly Roll are market-leading gel pens. They come in several different ranges including metallic, stardust, glaze, moonlight and souffle. The smooth flowing ink looks great on both black and white paper as well as other surfaces and is a joy to write with.

Ecoline from Royal Talens is available as both a liquid watercolour and a brush pen. These are a little more specialist than some brush pens and really deserve watercolour paper which can cope with their juiciness. They are amazing for lettering and drawing. The ink can be blended and mixed using water to create beautiful results.

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of being one of the first people in the UK to try the new Chameleon Colour Changing Fineliners. Incredible dual ink technology (ink in the lid) means that you can blend colours by swapping the lids from one pen to another. They are so much fun to play with. I’ve been working on perfecting a full rainbow.

As part of my lettering journey, I am also working on improving my modern calligraphy. It’s a great mindfulness activity and supplies are very simple to get started. All you need is a nib, holder, ink and paper. I use a general-purpose handwriting nib which is robust for beginners but flexible enough to allow you to achieve the thick and thin lines characteristic to this style of lettering.

I’m currently planning my own garden office for the new year. This will give me lots more room for pens and paper so that Under the Rowan Trees can grow and I can hide my pen stash from my husband! If there is anything I don’t stock at the moment and you think I should, do let me know; I’m always up for pen shopping!

Thanks so much for having me, Emma.




Want to write a post for this series? Contact me via my About page.

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