A few of my favourite things #109

This is my last ‘favourite things’ post before Christmas and I’m quite fond of some of these photos. I’ve been learning to get to grips with my new Huawei P30 Pro (I got an amazing Black Friday deal) and I’m loving the camera. Luke has been teaching me how to get the most out of it and playing with the aperture is making such a difference.

Here’s a look at what we’ve been up to over the last week.

Feeling festive AF

I know it’s not at all sustainable but I love a festive coffee cup. Vodafone’s customer rewards scheme meant I got a freebie and I couldn’t resist. I have spotted Christmas coffee cups in a store window which I think I might have to invest in for next year.

Christmas Costa cup

Jenson has settled into school so well in his first term and wanted to write Christmas cards for his new friends – he also insisted on writing one for his teddy, which was so flippin’ cute!

Jenson Christmas cards 2019

He’s also been hard at work hand painting cards and decorations for friends and family. They’ve gone down well so far and he’s made some for our tree too.

Homemade Christmas decorations 2019

Pottery painting

As a writer, I can find it hard when I’m required to be creative in other ways. For our Christmas team day, we went to a pottery studio and were allowed to choose something to paint. All of the creatives in the team sat at the same table and to say we found it a bit stressful would be an understatement. I decided to make a trinket disk for my gran for Christmas – I figured she’d appreciate the personal touch. FYI, it’s fucking hard to letter with these special paint pens! Here’s a look at the dish pre-glaze.

Pottery painting, 2019

Stick Man Christmas adventure

I like taking Jenson on a special Christmas adventure each year. I try not to overwhelm him with a load of different Santas and I was excited to read about an event as Roskilly’s Ice Cream Farm. He’s a big Julia Donaldson fan and, having been on a Gruffalo adventure and a Zog adventure already this year, this Stick Man one looked perfect.

It was a bargain at £8 (you only pay for the child you take) and we explored the farm, did Christmas crafts, made a Stick Man, had storytime with Father Christmas, he got a present (a Julia Donaldson Activity Book), had his face painted, and we went on a trail to find more Stick Men. While we were there we grabbed some hot drinks and paid a bit extra for some biscuit decorating and ice cream too.

Stick Man Christmas adventure 2019

Robin in a tree, 2019

Coffee by the fire, 2019

We had such a fun afternoon, made all the more exciting by a drive-through Happy Meal on the way and playing at his grandparents’ house after. Such a happy bunny.

Stick Man Christmas adventure 2019

Stick Man Christmas adventure 2019

I’m so excited for my upcoming 17 days off work. Jenson will be off school for 16 of those days and Luke will be off work for 11 of them – it’s the most time we’ll have spent together for a long time and I can’t wait.

Hope you have an awesome festive break <3

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