little fires everywhere blog tour

Blog tour: Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

It's not often that I'll read a book that I don't know much about. I'm usually hooked by an intriguing synopsis, have already read something by the author, I've fallen for a pretty cover or, if it's being reviewed everywhere, I want to know what everyone's talking about. It wasn't the case with Celeste Ng's… Continue reading Blog tour: Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

saturday share

Saturday Share #118

Must-read blog posts this week include tips on working with brands, improving your design skills and prepping for another stationery swap. Some bloggers worry that they'll lose their audience when they start blogging about their pregnancy but the opposite is true for me as a reader, as I've totally fallen for Forever Amber over the… Continue reading Saturday Share #118

fountain pen day giveaway with Pen Chalet

Fountain Pen Day giveaway with Pen Chalet

Today is the sixth annual Fountain Pen Day! It was established in 2012 'to help embrace, promote, and share the use of fountain pens in day-to-day life, as well to help revive handwriting as a whole'. I'm celebrating with a giveaway with Pen Chalet. You could win a Caran d'Ache 849 fountain pen (check out… Continue reading Fountain Pen Day giveaway with Pen Chalet

birthday christmas list 2017
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My 2017 birthday/Christmas wish list

In case I've not mentioned it enough already, I turn 30 at the end of the month - eek! People have been warned against surprise parties, speeches, singing and any memorabilia with my age on but, ya know, presents are always gratefully received. I'm not a monster! Now that I'm old there's nothing I really… Continue reading My 2017 birthday/Christmas wish list

my life in photos october 2017

My life in photos: October 2017

Holy crap, it's time for another round-up already? Prepare for some cliched seasonal shots as well as a run down of my favourite blog posts and family pics from the last month. Not gonna lie, I was pretty freaking chuffed to start the month by smashing my Goodreads Challenge (2). I'm already pushing 60 titles… Continue reading My life in photos: October 2017

now playing film book review from abrams + chronicle
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Unleashing my inner film geek

You might not know this but I used to be something of a film buff. Through my early teens I'd be at the cinema at least once a week catching up on new releases and, upon discovering Empire Magazine at the age of 15, I decided that I wanted to be a film critic. I'd… Continue reading Unleashing my inner film geek

Me and Jenson Trevaskis Farm
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Jenson: 29 months old

Wow, Jenson's age in months is equal to my age in years! And I feel like he's really grown up a lot in the last month too. He's coming out with new words every day and is even stringing a few together, such as 'ready, steady, go!' and 'where gone?', plus he can recognise loads… Continue reading Jenson: 29 months old

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Self-Care Sunday #35

This is gonna make me sound like a terrible mother but one of my highlights of the week is when Jenson goes to nursery on one of my days off. While I hate handing over that responsibility it means that Luke gets up and drops him off and I get a lie in! Is there… Continue reading Self-Care Sunday #35

saturday share

Saturday Share #117

This week's fave blogs posts have encouraged me to learn to love myself, binge on 90s nostalgia and swoon over a new lifestyle range. Take a look. Sophie Cliff is one of my ten favourite bloggers (I hate ranking things but can always group favourites!) and her post on learning to love herself was just… Continue reading Saturday Share #117

Jenson mittens
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The Cursed Child, The Walking Dead and indie film soundtracks #LittleLoves

This week I've been battling a poorly child, a serious lack of me time and debating whether or not to get out the winter coat. Here's a look at the sunnier side of the last seven days. Read: Harry Potter and The Cursed Child - and it nearly wrecked me, almost on a level with… Continue reading The Cursed Child, The Walking Dead and indie film soundtracks #LittleLoves