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Saturday Share #94

There's definitely a mix of favourite posts this week, including discussions on mental health, blog collaborations and wanderlusting. Have a gander below. I love the opportunities that blogging offers and opens up for creatives. Cathryn from Little Paper Swans has just launched her own stock images and is also working on some short courses. If… Continue reading Saturday Share #94

i'm not your manic pixie dream girl by gretchen mcneil
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Manic Pixie Dream Girls, Peppa Pig and Ed Sheeran sing-alongs #LittleLoves

It's been another one of those weird weeks where the weather was gorgeous all weekend so I was able to frolic in the son with Jenson and then when my working 'week' started (sorry not sorry) I was in bed every night with Jenson with no evenings to myself. I find it easier to cope… Continue reading Manic Pixie Dream Girls, Peppa Pig and Ed Sheeran sing-alongs #LittleLoves

joe browns summer wish list

A Joe Browns summer wish list

I would love to be able to afford to treat myself to a new Joe Browns outfit every month. Their seasonal collections are incredible and I always want everything. Usually I'm all about the tunics but their latest catalogue is packed full of stuff I'd love to add to my wardrobe. Take a look. Must… Continue reading A Joe Browns summer wish list

storytime at the craft box
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Storytime at The Craft Box

I've blogged before about how much I love The Craft Box in Penzance (there's also one in Helston) but it needs another shout out thanks to recent additions. It's fun for all the family, a great place to make a personal gift and there's always tasty treats. Recently owner April has added a cute play… Continue reading Storytime at The Craft Box

blueberry and lemon pancakes
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Self-Care Sunday #9

On Friday I did a pretty good job of slowing down and looking after myself. I had my first lie-in in weeks because Jenson's gymnastics session isn't on over Easter (sidebar: why do most playgroups stop in the holidays?!), I had a long shower and made blueberry and lemon pancakes for brunch. After Jenson's lunch… Continue reading Self-Care Sunday #9

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Saturday Share #93

From enjoying being in my late 20s to learning to slow down, I've been inspired by plenty of bloggers again this week. There seems to be a panic amongst people my age about The Big 3-0 looming on the horizon. Not gonna lie, I'm a bit terrified of reaching it later this year. It seems… Continue reading Saturday Share #93

beauty and the beast
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Scrappy Little Nobody, The Walking Dead and spring footwear #LittleLoves

It's been another long and knackering week - three nights out of the last seven I've gone to bed with Jenson and not had an evening to myself (self-care anyone?) and there's so much I want to get done. I felt super-productive when I changed all the bedding yesterday though; you can't beat fresh sheets.… Continue reading Scrappy Little Nobody, The Walking Dead and spring footwear #LittleLoves

dot creates print review

Dot Creates: A blogger’s dream

There are a few great stationery brands out there which are perfect for bloggers. They know what we want and it's affordable, so we buy all the things. Dot Creates is one such awesome website and it really is a blogger's dream. Danielle doesn't just create cute and functional stationery - a lot of it… Continue reading Dot Creates: A blogger’s dream

nosy crow book review
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Book review: New releases from Nosy Crow

Jenson and I were sent the cutest book as an early Mother's Day present a couple of weeks ago.  I tell him I love him countless times a day and I'm looking forward to the day he says it back. How adorable is this cover? I love that it's about a mummy, daddy and baby… Continue reading Book review: New releases from Nosy Crow