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Geek Blogger Tag 2017

I spotted this tag in a geeky bloggers Facebook group I'm a member of and have been meaning to share it for ages. Take a look at Chrissy's responses here and link up your own in the comments. I love having a nose. What is your earliest memory of liking something un-mainstream or geeky? I didn't realise… Continue reading Geek Blogger Tag 2017


What does it mean to be a hipster?

Last night my boyfriend called me a hipster. Well, kinda. He said the one thing that differentiates me from hipsters is that I shower regularly! I work at a students' union, so I see hipsters everyday and reckon I see more of them that what he does and I ain't no hipster! To most people,… Continue reading What does it mean to be a hipster?

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The ‘geek’ label

It's funny how things change. When you're a kid, it's not cool to be a geek, yet when you're older you can wear that badge with pride. Every store and it's mother is stocking geek, nerd, dork and dweeb sweaters and tees, and, as much as I hate to wear what everyone else is wearing,… Continue reading The ‘geek’ label