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Geek Blogger Tag 2017

I spotted this tag in a geeky bloggers Facebook group I’m a member of and have been meaning to share it for ages. Take a look at Chrissy’s responses here and link up your own in the comments. I love having a nose.

geek bloggers tag

What is your earliest memory of liking something un-mainstream or geeky?
I didn’t realise they were geeky at the time but grew up watching Power Rangers, Adam West’s Batman and an Aussie show called Spellbinder. I think the first thing I was into that I was aware was geeky was Buffy.

What is your fave geeky item of clothing or accessory?
My Mr Deadpool t-shirt, a Christmas present from Luke last year.

What guilty purchases do you treat yourself to sometimes?
Comic books. I pre-order every new volume of Ms Marvel.

ms marvel

What are your favourite geeky or unusual books (including comics or graphic novels)?
My fave comics are Ms Marvel, Runaways and Batman. Novels-wise, I’ve just read the first Raven Boys and Caraval and want to read more.

runaways comics

Which geeky/alternative character do you identify with most and why?
Tina from Bob’s Burgers. She’s so socially awkward and tries hard but gets nowhere. But she owns it!

What are your favourite hobbies other people consider geeky?
I’m very into stationery and used to be a massive film buff. I’m not as clued up on new releases these days but I have good film theory and trivia knowledge.

stationery swap

What are your favourite retro games (tabletop or console/PC)?
I had an Atari in my room growing up and was pretty awesome at Donkey Kong. When my brother got a Playstation I was pretty into Rayman and Crash Bandicoot.

Who is your geeky inspiration IRL?
Probably Felicia Day or Mayim Bialik. To be honest, I can’t really name many high-profile female geeks, which is a problem!

What would your superhero/vigilante name be and what would your power/special skill be?
During my short time in roller derby I went by the alter ego Sylvia Wrath. I would take people out with my rage.

What three geeky TV series have you gotten into lately?
I don’t have a lot of time for grown-up TV these days but the ‘geeky’ shows I currently watch are Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and Formula 1.

1 thought on “Geek Blogger Tag 2017”

  1. Thank you so much for joining in with my tag! You are the first!

    I really do need to get a recognisable Deadpool tee (I have a mash up between him and Fresh Prince of Belaire which is only funny if you get both references). I keep hearing about Runaways and Raven Boys, so I’ll have to check those out. It’s funny when you don’t consider something could be seen as geeky because all your friends are so into it. I’m the same with film/TV/actors/directors etc. I know what you mean about female geeks IRL I’m terrible too, shameful! I was going to I’m a cross between Tina and Louise depending whether I have energy or not lol

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