Brand Brilliance by Fiona Humberstone - book review
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Books to boost your creativity

This post features affiliate links and some review copies (marked with *) This year I've been working on my personal and professional development, exploring new ways to be creative and learn new things. Grow & Glow and Simply Lettering have been hugely influential lately, and I've also been using my commute to devour some truly… Continue reading Books to boost your creativity

a glorious freedom book review

A Glorious Freedom

I can remember turning 25, admittedly a few years ago now, and being shocked to find that I was no longer classed as a young creative - that label is for the 18-24 bracket. But what if you're in your 30s, 40s or 50s and still haven't found your life's calling or true passion? What… Continue reading A Glorious Freedom