New favourite range: Happy Jackson


happy jackson logo

happy jackson stationery collectionHappy Jackson creates and sells dozens of cool designs but as it’s National Stationery Week, here’s my pick of their stationery. And the best part? They’re all currently available at a reduced price for a limited time. Get ’em while you can!

happy jackson

Pen orgy pencil case, £5.59, Happy days pencil case, £4.79, Genius pencil case, £5.59, Pencils, £6.39

happy jackson

Futile notebook, £6.99, Gem notebook, £6.39, Lists notebook, £6.39, Thoughts notebook, £6.39,
Crap notebook, £6.39, My life notebook, £6.39

happy jackson

Set of three mini notebooks, £4.79, Great ideas notebook, £7.96, Serious notebook, £7.96,
Plan notebook, £7.96

happy jackson

Genius ring binder, £3.99, Happy ring binder, £3.99, Hole punching ring binder, £3.99

At that price I can have one of everything, right?




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