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Book review: Gone Girl

Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl is another one of those books that you feel like you have to read because everyone is talking about it. The only thing I knew about it before buying it was that it’s about a guy who’s wife goes missing and that it’s being made into a film directed by David Fincher (one of my favourite directors) and starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike.

gone girl by Gillian Flynn

Reading through the first third or so of the book, I found myself really warming to our supposed hero, Nick, and I liked the way that his account of actual events were alternated with entries from Amy’s diary, detailing the history of their relationship. Flynn has a flair for writing in these two voices and it reminded me of the way Jodi Picoult often has several characters tell the same story. It mixes things up a bit and you find yourself questioning who you side with.

Those of you who have read the book will know that it completely shifts in tone about halfway through. Building up to that point there are moments where you wonder how much you can trust Nick, or indeed anyone in the book. Then it hits you like a frickin’ truck! As always, I was reading it for 45 minutes at a time on the bus to and from work. At this point I knew I had to finish it that night. But I peaked about 50-100 pages from the end. Fortunately I just managed to squeeze in that last bit as the bus pulled up to work the next morning. And… I was disappointed. After all that. After the chopping and changing who my sympathies lay with, after literally not being able to put it down. I’m sure my face fell as I finished those last pages and I headed off to work wanting to scream in Flynn’s face, asking why she did what she did.

gone girl entertainment weekly cover

For once, I was pleased to read that a film adaptation of a book I (mostly) liked was set to change the ending. Apparently Flynn has completely re-written the final act, so even if I did spoil the ending of the book for you (which I won’t – despite my disappointment, it’s well worth a read), no-one really knows what’s gonna happen. I’m definitely intrigued!

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