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Some recommended reading

creativity is contagiousI have spent a lot of my spare time trying to catch up writing blog posts lately but not enough time reading what other people have been posting. This weekend I have discovered some amazing bloggers who I want to share with you and I am going to try and find the time to create a blogroll widget over the next week.

When I had a film blog, each week I would post links to my favourite posts. I kinda of started doing that months ago on this blog with my ‘highlights of the week‘ (it lasted all of one week!) and I really want to get back into doing that. In the meantime, here are some of my recent discovers which you really need to check out – many of which have been as a result of National Stationery Week and following #NSW14!

I discovered Claire’s blog thanks to a NSW14 giveaway and kept browsing when I realised her love of stationery ran almost as deep as mine. Her blog also led me to Vivid Please.

One Ten Zero Seven
I was lured in by the beautiful header but it was her blogging attitude and crafting talents that kept me hooked.

Hello Wonderful
This one was actually a Twitter recommendation – and a bloody good one at that! Ella’s household tastes are very similar to my own and I love perusing her online finds. In fact, I have this tea tray and this fox bag!

Want to follow more awesome people on Pinterest? Lou Archell from Little Green Shed is a great start!

And a website I recently came across and love is This is Your Kingdom. In fact, it has reminded me of a blog post/theme I’ve been drafting for months about sharing where you live. Maybe that will pop up sometime next week too…

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