Item of the day: Notecards

kate spade notecardsAll good things must come to an end, so it’s time to wave goodbye to National Stationery Week. But before we do, let’s make the most of write a letter day. You can never underestimate the pleasure of writing or receiving a handwritten letter. Throughout university, myself and my best friend would send letters back and forth, in addition to the usual texts, phone calls, emails and IMs. And even now, five years after graduation, we still send the odd card just because and I’ve kept every single one. And it’s not just because it’s nice to receive post that’s not a bill. It’s the personal touch. It’s knowing that someone thought of you and took the time to sit down and send you a little something to say ‘hi’ or ‘see you soon’. So today, take the time to remind someone how much they’re loved. Leave a cute little love note for your partner, send someone a thank you card for that gift or write a letter to that friend who moved rather than writing on their Facebook wall. My absolute favourites are these Kate Spade notecards, which I’ve blogged about before. They’re £17.50 for a pack of ten.

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