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Last week’s purchases

I went a bit crazy last week. For months I have been living pay day to pay day, with barely a penny left at the end of each month. For the last two months I have increasingly more money in my bank account when the next pay day has rolled around (£70 one month, then £120). So I decided to reward myself this month by not scrimping and saving and actually buying myself something! Something other than food and household items. Woah!

I saw these blogging t-shirts on Pinterest last week and knew I had to have one. They were priced at £16 each and come in navy and white. I had to have one of each colour, regardless of the price, yet when I went to add to basket they were half price! Bargain! I highly recommend them to all the bloggers out there.

blog tee from next

Blogging tee, £8.00, Next

National Stationery Week was bound to encourage me to part with some of my hard-earned cash. Bread and Jam shared their new desk jotters on their Facebook page a couple of weeks ago and finally released them to the buying public during NSW14, complete with discount for early orders. So of course I had to get in on the act. Mine arrived yesterday and I love it!

bread and jam desk jotter

Desk jotter, £13.95, Bread and Jam

The only other stationery item I bought was the Emma notebook (I caved!) from Liberty. I also won a couple of giveaways and will share those details later in the week. I’m still waiting for some exciting post!

We had a team trip to Asda on our lunch break last week (I don’t get out much!) and I got a bit excited wandering around the kitchen department. I never used to be like this, honest! But I’ve learned to embrace it. Anyhoo, I saw this adorable tea tray and had to get one! I almost got these storage canisters too but decided that, ultimately, they weren’t an essential purchase. Boring!

tea tray from George as Asda

Tea tray, £5.00, George at Asda

Finally, for the last couple of weeks I’ve been concerned that my old reliable jeans are going to randomly split on me. You know how you have that one pair of jeans that you inevitably wear to death? Well, it’s those ones. And I hate jeans shopping! It takes forever to find the right pair. Fortunately, I’ve come to rely on New Look and, in particular, their high waisted skinny jeans. And the best part is that whenever I pop in for an update, there’s a slightly newer version with ‘improved quality’. I’ve been fluctuating between a 12 and 14 for a while now and their size 14 skinnies have done the job time and time again. I don’t like wearing regular rise because of my love handles (it feels like I’m constantly spilling over the top) and so with the skinny jeans I can tuck myself in! Of course, while wandering around the store, a few other items took my fancy, including a magenta sweater which was £7 in the sale and had a fox embroidered on the front. Unfortunately, it seems have disappeared from their website, but here are the links to my other purchases, including those fantastic jeans!

new look purchases

Hopeless romantic t-shirt, £7.99 (2 for £12 offer if you’re keen!)
Squiggle print cardigan, was £14.99, now £9.99
Polka dot cardigan, was £14.99, now £9.99
High waisted supersoft skinny jeans, £22.99

I hope you all treated yourselves to something over the weekend!

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