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Judging a book by its cover: The Hunger Games

I’m still pondering whether or not to read the books before I finish watching the films, so to help me make up my mind, I thought I’d check out the book art and prices online. On Amazon I found these awesome covers but for some reason, you can only get the Mockingjay cover in the marketplace. The same thing applies on the Waterstones website. What’s that about?

the hunger games books

The only other option I kind of like the look of is this boxset from Amazon for £16.

the hunger games books

The problem is, now I’ve seen the shiny covers I’m incredibly taken by them! Does anyone know of anywhere you can buy them completely brand new? I don’t want to risk a marketplace buy. And yes, I know I’m a book snob!

I don’t want to order the first two books from Amazon until I know I can complete the set. If you can help me track one down, I’ll be forever in your debt!

Edit: I found it on Wordery! It’s amazing what you can find with an extensive Google image search! Good old Wordery who sent me the free copy of Soulmates. Oh, I love these guys! Now I just need to decide whether not not to stare at the pretty covers for months or find out how it’s all gonna end…

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