birthday christmas list 2017
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My 2017 birthday/Christmas wish list

In case I've not mentioned it enough already, I turn 30 at the end of the month - eek! People have been warned against surprise parties, speeches, singing and any memorabilia with my age on but, ya know, presents are always gratefully received. I'm not a monster! Now that I'm old there's nothing I really… Continue reading My 2017 birthday/Christmas wish list

saturday share

Saturday Share #117

This week's fave blogs posts have encouraged me to learn to love myself, binge on 90s nostalgia and swoon over a new lifestyle range. Take a look. Sophie Cliff is one of my ten favourite bloggers (I hate ranking things but can always group favourites!) and her post on learning to love herself was just… Continue reading Saturday Share #117

creoly rose gold ballpoint pens review

Stationery essentials from Creoly

You might recall that earlier this year I reviewed a dotted notebook from Creoly and referred to it as the new budget bullet journal. I'm excited to see that they are growing their stationery range with colourful essentials for all budgets. You can get a pack of 12 wire binder clips* for just £9.99. They… Continue reading Stationery essentials from Creoly

a bookworm's wish list

A bookworm’s wish list

The list of books I want to read grows by the day but I'm not going to include them all in this wish list. Instead, I'm focusing on gorgeous covers and special editions, as well as some rather fun accessories. Anne of Green Gables: V&A Collector's Edition, £9.98 | The Secret Garden: V&A Collector's Edition,… Continue reading A bookworm’s wish list

Th[ink] dot grid notebooks from Creoly review

Tried and tested: Th[ink] dot grid notebooks from Creoly

I recently joined the Creoly Early Bird Club reviewer program and just received my first item to review: the Creoly Th[ink] Hardbound Dotted Notebook*. Its Amazon description claims it's perfect for bullet journalling and it's not hard to see why. Available in three colours (black, red or blue), you can pick your cover to suit… Continue reading Tried and tested: Th[ink] dot grid notebooks from Creoly

totoro notebook and pen from amazon
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Item of the day: Totoro notebook and pen from Amazon

When it comes to kawaii stationery you can't go wrong with something Ghibli-inspired. I love this Totoro notebook and pen combo from Amazon. Totoro Notebook and Pen One Piece Notebook Set for Collectors, £13.99

how to be well read by john sutherland

Item of the day: How to be Well Read by John Sutherland

With World Book Day just around the corner (2 March, fact fans!), I've found myself intrigued by the book How to be Well Read. I'd be hard pressed to get through all 500 books but I'm definitely interested in knowing more about the recommendations. The hardback is available on Amazon for £20.00. How to be… Continue reading Item of the day: How to be Well Read by John Sutherland

bmo light up journal from amazon
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Item of the day: BMO light-up journal from Amazon

You know what's better than a plain old notebook? A BMO journal! And you know what's even better than that? One that lights up! This may well be the coolest journal I've ever seen! Thanks, Amazon! BMO light-up journal, £15.84 I'd love it if you could take five minutes to complete my reader survey. You'll… Continue reading Item of the day: BMO light-up journal from Amazon

bad girls throughout history from amazon

Item of the day: Bad Girls Throughout History by Ann Shen

How cool does this book sound? 100 women who have changed the world, aka bad girls throughout history. Beautifully illustrated, this book features total bad asses, including one of my faves, Nora Ephron, Maya Angelou, Jane Austen and Joan Jett. It's £12.08 from Amazon.

get your shit together by sarah knight

Item of the day: Get Your Shit Together by Sarah Knight

Everyone might still be talking about The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck (which I've still not read) but did you know Sarah Knight released a new book last month? It's called 'Get Your Shit Together: How to stop worrying about what you should do so you can finish what you need to… Continue reading Item of the day: Get Your Shit Together by Sarah Knight