Wraptious: Community of artists

wraptiousI was recently made aware of Wraptious, home of over 20 artists and stockist of some rather beautiful cards, prints and giftwrap. Its founder reached out to me after reading about my love of  The Lost Lanes and I instantly fell in love with the majority of the work over there. He was even nice enough to send me a sample of some of my favourites! Check out their work below (click on the images to go to their shop).

PINGU VILLE by Elena Montoya Alvarez
Elena Montoya Alvarez

BIRDS OF PARADISE Heather Harrison
Heather Harrison

pride and prejudice by Joanna Johnston
Joanna Johnston

hug me by Leeann Walker
Leean Walker

lord birdy by Robert Farkas
Robert Farkas

I was also rather taken by the work of Rachael Edwards and Rebecca Williams.

wraptious wraptees

I plan on getting a huge noticeboard from the office to pin up some of my favourite finds from the wonderful world wide web. Want to add a splash of art to your office? The cards are available on a 3 for 2 offer.

If you’d like to become a Wraptee and join the community, they’re currently holding a competition for new contributors. Find out more on their website. Hopefully I’ll be buying some of your work soon!

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