10 things I love about: Society 6

Society 6 is one of my new favourite websites. It’s a lot like Ohh Deer, The Lost Lanes and Wraptious in that it stocks awesome prints from a community of artists. And you can have the artwork printed on a range of items. I highly recommend browsing the site when you’ve got a spare few minutes. In the meantime, here are ten of my favourites.

be happy print from Society 6
Be Happy by Pattern Paint

little things print from society 6
Little Things by Mareike Böhmer Graphics

follow your dreams print from society 6
Follow Your Dreams by Sweet Reverie

grand adventure print from society 6
Grand Adventure by Matthew Taylor Wilson
weapons of mass creation print from society 6
Weapons of mass creation by Bianca Green

tea time any time print from society 6
Tea time any time by Matthew Taylor Wilson
carpe diem print from society 6
Carpe by WRDBNR

unicorn print from society 6
Always be yourself by WEAREYAWN

the fault in our stars print from society 6
The Fault in Our Stars by Natasha Ramon

pivot print from society 6
Pivot by The LOL Shop

Which one is your favourite?

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