Papergang April 2017
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The Good Fight, biscuit decorating and Papergang #LittleLoves

How is my annual leave nearly over :( Fortunately I'm off again in a few weeks for Jenson's birthday and I feel like I've been productive with my time this week. I've been out in the sun, spent time with the family and caught up with friends. And we've got another birthday party tomorrow -… Continue reading The Good Fight, biscuit decorating and Papergang #LittleLoves

blogtacular blog planner
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What makes the perfect blog planner?

Having tried out the Paperchase blogger's journal and the Dot Creates ultimate blog planner, and found both to be missing a little something, I got to wondering what makes the perfect blog planner. I've scoured various stationery websites and blogging resources to come up with a little collection of elements that I think would be… Continue reading What makes the perfect blog planner?

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10 things I love about Gemma Correll

I said I'd be back today with another post on mental health. You'd be forgiven for thinking that's not the case, looking at the title of the post, but this woman has done so much to normalise mental health issues and to encourage people to recognise that it's ok not to be ok that she… Continue reading 10 things I love about Gemma Correll

introverts journal by gemma correll
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Item of the day: Introvert’s journal by Gemma Correll

Ever wanted something so bad that you literally ached for it? That's how I feel about this incredibly epic journal, designed by Gemma Correll for Ohh Deer. It's the perfect accessory for the introverted blogger (reminds me of the latest #lbloggers chat!) - beautiful linen cover, a whopping 380 pages, the coolest cover illustration and… Continue reading Item of the day: Introvert’s journal by Gemma Correll

follow friday
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Follow Friday #36

Here's a wee bit of bedtime reading for y'all. Blogging Becky has reviewed the new blogger's must-have camera, the Olympus Pen E PL7. Baby Sweden have definitely got it right in terms of shared parental leave. Let's see more of this over here please! Helen has perfectly captured how I feel about returning to work… Continue reading Follow Friday #36

i like you valentines day card from ohh deer
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Top Ten: Valentine’s Day cards

I don't think I've ever bought a particularly soppy Valentine's Day card - we're just not that kind of couple. If you're in a similar position and struggling to find something that doesn't make you want to hurl, check out some of these beauties. Scribbler, £2.99 Ohh Deer, £2.50 Paperchase, £2.50 Paperchase, £2.50 Paperchase, £2.50… Continue reading Top Ten: Valentine’s Day cards