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Coming soon to a screen near you: Gotham, Interstellar and Sin City 2

Ready for some ass-kicking trailers? There are so many things to get excited about…

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Up first is Gotham. Now I’m a sucker for anything Batman but you’ve gotta admit this looks pretty freakin’ awesome. You can moan about the lack of Gordon’s moustache and glasses all you like but I reckon it’s gonna be a great origin story. The Penguin teaser was epic and I’m prepared to give Ben Mackenzie the benefit of the doubt after Southland.

interstellar poster
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Even though Chris Nolan is one of my favourite directors I wasn’t particularly psyched for Interstellar after the first two trailers. The third one has definitely piqued my interest though. In true Nolan style, it looks like special effects are second to a great story with interesting characters – something we need a lot more of in our blockbusters!

sin city 2 a dame to kill for poster
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And last but not least, Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For. I’ve still not read any of the graphic novels but the first film is one of my all-time faves. The follow-up looks just as stylish, with the returning characters looking more bad ass than ever. And there’s added Jo-Go. Woooo!

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