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What I’ve been watching lately

While I was away from blogging for a while, I started building up a long list of films I had seen and wanted to review. So much time has gone past now that I thought I'd whittle them down into mini reviews here. Having a quiet night in this week? Here are my recommendations: One… Continue reading What I’ve been watching lately

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Coming soon to a screen near you: Gotham, Interstellar and Sin City 2

Ready for some ass-kicking trailers? There are so many things to get excited about... Image via Up first is Gotham. Now I'm a sucker for anything Batman but you've gotta admit this looks pretty freakin' awesome. You can moan about the lack of Gordon's moustache and glasses all you like but I reckon it's gonna… Continue reading Coming soon to a screen near you: Gotham, Interstellar and Sin City 2


Highlights of the week

Lots of recommended reading this week - I've been catching up on the commute! Give them a go and let me know what you think. New blog discoveries* a pair & a spare Bookswept Beauty Full Homes Daisy Chain Book Reviews Design*Sponge I SPY DIY Me, Bookshelf and I Milk Bubble Tea smitten kitchen This… Continue reading Highlights of the week

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My favourite films seen in 2013

I have had to re-work my usual 'best of' list because it would appear that I've only been to the cinema ten times this year. Ten! I am shocked and appalled but, hey, you've gotta work with what you've got. Out of the list of new UK cinema releases in 2013, this is my solid… Continue reading My favourite films seen in 2013