Highlights of the week

Here’s your weekly dose of recommended reading. Enjoy!

The End of an Era – Domestic Sluttery
Why I decided to quit my soul-sucking job – Hello Giggles
Thoughts that come to mind when turning 25 – Chapter Friday

Film & TV
18 reasons Chris Pratt is your next big crush – Hello Giggles
Warner Bros Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter 2014 – Becky Bedbug

DIY: Blogging Calendar – Water Painted Dreams
My blogging toolkit – Brew Up Buttercup
Naughty Pants: Confessions of a blogger – Skinnedcartree
A blogger’s picnic invitation – The English Mademoiselle Diaries
YouTube stars who scored awesome book deals – Hello Giggles

Prose before bros: The best books about female friendship – Hello Giggles
31 beautiful ideas for a book-inspired wedding – BuzzFeed
Book review: Paper Towns by John Green – Yes Cassie Will

DIY Custom Framing – A Beautiful Mess
How to make a bow back nettie – Tilly and the Buttons

Coastal Capers – Fabric of My Life

No-Bake Nutella Cookie Dough Balls – Chocolate-Covered Katie

My week in photos

my week in photos

1. We finally went to the new and incredible 300 Diner in Penzance. The burgers are amazing! Dare you try The Burger Challenge?
2. I did my first freelance marketing gig over the weekend. I can now add Social Media Consultant to my CV
3. Doesn’t this lovely bunting make Truro look even more appealing than usual?
4. I went a bit nuts in Waterstones…

Want, need, wear, read

want need wear read

Want: I nearly put this rolling pin in the ‘need’ section!
Need: Disturb me at your own risk! Loving this mug
Wear: I love White Stuff’s reversible skirts but why would you wear this any way other than with the cute doggies?!
Read: This review convinced me that I need to read Lobsters!


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