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Mollie Makes specials: Blogging and Photography

I had never read a copy of Mollie Makes until last week. I’ve been trying to get (or rather thinking about getting)  crafty for a while but I didn’t think a whole issue would really appeal to me at this early stage. Then I saw an ad for their blogging special in the latest issue of The Simple Things and figured ‘180 pages of expert tips and inspiration’ had to be worth a look.

Mollie Makes Blogging magazine

It is definitely worth the £9.99 cover price. Even having been at this blogging malarkey for a few years now, there was plenty of info on taking it to the next level, including features on picking a platform, going self-hosted, plug-ins, widgets and more, as well as an article on young industries from the lovely gals (and cover stars!) from A Beautiful Mess. Who wouldn’t want an app and book deal?! Be sure to check out this week’s highlights posts for some of my favourite links.

While I was browsing the stands, I also had a quick flick through their Photography special before deciding that was worth a few quid too. I’ve had the new camera a few weeks now and am looking for  ways to get more creative with it for the blog.

Mollie Makes Photography magazine

This mag was 50 pages shorter (but with a £2 cheaper price tag) and is almost priceless in terms of its ideas and inspiration. There is info on choosing a camera, working with lighting (including faking a bokeh effect), playing with exposure and aperture, creating your own accessories, making the most of your mobile camera and more. Whether you’re using an iPhone or something more professional, you need to get your hands on this mag!

What blogging and photography resources do you recommend?

2 thoughts on “Mollie Makes specials: Blogging and Photography”

  1. I have been a subscriber for 3 years now I think and the specials are the best they just beg to be looked through over and over, try the wedding one too you don’t have to be getting married to love the pictures trust me lol

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