Bump Watch: Week 14 – shopping for maternity clothes

I’m now 14 weeks pregnant – over a third of the way through! During the worst weeks of morning sickness and waiting for the dating scan, it felt like pregnancy was the longest thing in the world but I just know the next few months are going to fly by. And I have more appointments coming up soon – the next midwife appointment is in two weeks, then two weeks into the new year there’s the next scan (and yes, we’re going to find out what colour we’ll be buying), then at the end of January we start antenatal classes. Exciting!

14 weeks pregnant

My main concern at the moment, however, is winter maternity clothes. You would not believe how difficult it is to find reasonably priced maternity clothes on the high street! New Look, Topshop, Peacocks, etc, all have a pretty big range on their websites but when it comes to shopping in store you’re lucky if you find a token rail! Even in the big cities this week, while I’ve been holiday, I’ve struggled to find more than a token gesture, which is odd when they have loads of tall, petite and plus size rails. I think that sucks when there are always going to be pregnant women shopping in their stores.

Which brings me to women’s mags. I subscribe to Cosmo and Glamour but could I find anything in there about recommendations for pregnant women when it comes to buying a winter coat or party frock? No. They are always going to have readers who are pregnant, so how about giving them a page or two an issue? If Cosmo can have a regular feature on Catwalk to Curvy, how about something seasonal for the preggers readers on finding the perfect swimsuit?

new look maternity clothes

I’ll give New Look their due, though. Their website is definitely the best when it comes to affordability and range (they’ve even got nice nursing bras for further down the line) – I’ve spent the best part of £200 over the last couple of weeks! But I have stocked up on the essentials – vests, long-sleeved tops, t-shirts, cardigan, a ‘going out’ dress, jeans (the best are the bootcut – I’ve got two pairs. Whoever came up with the idea of overbump maternity jeans is a friggin genius!). The only problem seems to be warm winter jumpers. I found a super-cute Christmas jumper but other than that I’ve just found this one. I’ve spooted a couple online – one from Topshop, one from ASOS and one from New Look at ASOS but I’ll have to wait until after Christmas for those – New Look have almost wiped me out. Luckily I had a 25% off voucher for my first shop and then they gave me 20% off for my birthday – thanks, guys! I also know I have a nice non-maternity but bump covering cardigan for Christmas, so that’ll keep me warm and snug until then.

Any other mums/mums to be out there who struggled to get decent maternity wear? Or do you have some great tips? Do leave me a comment.

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