Bump Watch: Week 16 – listening to the heartbeat!

By 16 weeks pregnant, you’d think morning sickness would be buggering off, right? Especially after my cockiness last week. But no, yesterday morning I was violently sick for the first time in over a fortnight. This baby better be good when it finally arrives, especially now that it’s put me off my Lucky Charms cereal!

16 weeks pregnant

I’m posting this a day later than usual so I can tell you how awesome this morning’s midwife appointment was. We saw her for the first time around ten weeks and she’s super lovely. This time round we got to listen to the heartbeat, which was pretty incredible. Seeing the baby on the screen at the dating scan a few weeks ago was great and definitely made it all seem more real but being able to hear it now too is amazing. Plus I’ve started feeling the odd little flutter, which may or may not be little ‘un moving but I’m loving it all the same.

We’ve got a few more weeks until the next scan, where we’ll be finding out what colour we’ll be buying, so there’s not much going on until then. Although after Christmas we’re going to start on the baby’s room, which will be fun. First step: clearing all the crap out of the spare room. Not so fun… wish me luck!

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