Bump Watch: Week 17 – feeling the baby move

At the start of the week I couldn’t help thinking that this stage of pregnancy is quite boring – you still don’t know the sex, morning sickness hasn’t quite buggered off and I can’t help feeling that I look like I’ve eaten too many buns rather than have one in the oven. But you know what? It’s better than the beginning, where you’re heaving your guts up all the time and I imagine it’s better than the final weeks, where you can’t sit or move comfortably and feel like it could drop out at any moment (I’ve been reading my book!). Plus, I felt the baby move properly for the first time today!

17 weeks pregnant

I started feeling flutters three weeks ago but today it actually felt like something moving in my belly. It was just three little pops (they felt more like pops or mini punches than kicks) and I know I’m not going to feel them very regularly at the moment but it was great to add something new to the list.

I’ve been feeling rather humongous lately too. I swear maternity jeans are to bumps what push up bras are to boobs. Check this out – and that’s at 16 and a half weeks!

big bump at 16.5 weeks

I love that the dog seems to know what’s going on too. I go to my parents’ house at least every other weekend and he was so cute lying with his head on my belly the other morning.

che and baby bump

Even my gran’s cat, who normally doesn’t really give a shit, jumped on my lap and lay there purring the other day. Cute!

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