30 before 30 update – age 27

It’s been a few weeks since I turned 27 so we’re due an update on the ol’ 30 before 30 list. Missed the original post? Catch up here.

I posted the initial list nearly seven months ago and since then I’ve managed to (kinda) tick off eight items…

#1 I’ve made a good start – baby might not be here yet but it’s growing away!

dating scan

#5 I haven’t got that all-important permanent contract yet but I’ve been given a few more months to prove my worth. Wish me luck!

#11 I’ve learned to sew in the simplest sense of the term – I can sew the boyfriend’s trousers into a tolerable state for work. No-one’s gonna look that close anyway!

#12 I used my own mint to make mint sauce – although I didn’t grow the plant from scratch.

#18 I co-built a bear for my cousin but still don’t have one for myself. It would be nice to build one with the boyfriend for the little ‘un’s first Christmas.

#21 The other day on the bus a dude with a cold with turned to a mum and her little girl and asked if she had a tissue. She didn’t and I handed over my mini pack of Kleenex. Does that count?

#23 I’ve done the boat trip to St Mawes but still haven’t been on a boat where I’ve seen little sea animals.

st mawes ferry trip

#24 I had afternoon tea at the Jane Austen Centre. Kinda… Morning sickness meant I had to have a hot chocolate with a piece of lemon cake…

And I even ticked one off the bucket list, which I thought would be for a lot further down the line.

#40 I became an auntie! Check out this little cutie!

logan playmat

How are you guys getting on with your own lists?

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