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Follow Friday #1

So, I was planning on moving my highlights of the week post to Fridays, on account of Follow Friday. Then I got a bit behind for a week or two and was planning on making this post about the last three weeks. Then half the bloody post disappeared! So I’ve been loving a bit more than the below, but here are some highlights nonetheless. Enjoy!

Ultimate blog tips – Becky Bedbug
What makes me unfollow a blog – Water Painted Dreams
How to start and run a successful blog in 2015 – Thunder and Threads
4 ways to support other bloggers – Becky Bedbug
Tips and tricks: 10 blogging myths – The Lovecats Inc

Three New Year Cornish coast walks – The Enjoyable Rut

Film & TV
Off to see The Wizard with Watch and Wolf – Miss West End Girl
Meet Richard Ayoade, your newest celeb crush – Hello Giggles
The Theory of Everything – Gingerly Pale
Movie poster wish list – Gingerbread Buttons

23 words for book lovers that really should exist – BuzzFeed
Lessons Learned From The Literary Greats: Ernest Hemingway – A Little Opulent
Books that we want to judge on their covers – A Little Opulent

10 things to do in New York City – Fashion For Lunch

Sticky toffee pudding – Frugal Feeding

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