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Saturday Share #114

This week's favourite blog posts are all about beautiful places and moving words. Grab a brew and enjoy! I loved Hello Giggles' writers' posts for National Poetry Day, particularly these ones on Maya Angelou and Sylvia Plath. Is it wrong to want to visit somewhere just because it looks super Instagrammable? Portmeirion in North Wales… Continue reading Saturday Share #114

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Daredevil, podcasts and a new look #LittleLoves

This is my third #LittleLoves and I've gotta say I like this alternative to my previous Friday Favourites posts. I've loved discovering other blogs in the linky and it's great to find a new way to engage with other bloggers. Here's a look at what I've been up to this week. Read: I've actually read… Continue reading Daredevil, podcasts and a new look #LittleLoves

three fictional characters
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You know I can't resist a good tag or trend, so I had to get in on the #threefictionalcharacters action. In case you've missed it, it's where you define yourself in three fictional characters in a meme/collage. According to this Hollywood Life quiz, I'm a foodie and so my spirit characters are Liz Lemon, Bilbo… Continue reading #ThreeFictionalCharacters

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Item of the day: Sylvia Plath pin by Thread Famous from Etsy

Can people stop making awesome pin badges? I'm gonna end up buying a denim jacket and literally covering it! This Sylvia Plath one might be my new all-time favourite - it appeals to the angsty writer/bookworm in me. It's by Thread Famous on Etsy and is £8.00. I also love the Margot Tenenbaum pin -… Continue reading Item of the day: Sylvia Plath pin by Thread Famous from Etsy

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Saturday Share #63

This week is all about living the hygge life, swooning over blogger events and growing your blog. Plus the usual zillion books I've added to my wish list! Stationery It's that time of the year again - back to school supplies! I'm loving these wish lists from Charlotte and Claire Books I've long been fascinated… Continue reading Saturday Share #63

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Follow Friday #4

Here's another little list of blog posts I've loved this week. One of these days I might actually catch up on more on Bloglovin! Make it 27 Delicious Muffins That Have It All Figured Out - BuzzFeed Film & TV Colour, Design and Costume: The Films of Wes Anderson - Scene 360 Books 49 Of… Continue reading Follow Friday #4

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Follow Friday #1

So, I was planning on moving my highlights of the week post to Fridays, on account of Follow Friday. Then I got a bit behind for a week or two and was planning on making this post about the last three weeks. Then half the bloody post disappeared! So I've been loving a bit more… Continue reading Follow Friday #1


Blog posts I’ve loved lately

I'm still not blogging particularly regularly at the moment (I'm working on feeling more awake while pregnant) but hopefully things'll pick up a bit while I have almost two weeks off for Christmas. I don't see the point in backdating my highlights of the weeks posts so here are some of the posts I've bookmarked… Continue reading Blog posts I’ve loved lately


Highlights of the week

The internet is a bloody awesome thing and this week there have been loads of articles I've found myself engrossed in, videos I've been distracted by and new blogs I've fallen in love with. Here are a few of my favourites. New blog discoveries Live it. Love it. Make it. Pop Verse Articles 25 First World… Continue reading Highlights of the week

the bell jar by sylvia plath

Why I love: The Bell Jar

Sylvia Plath's 'The Bell Jar' was my first 'grown up' favourite book. I had grown up with Enid Blyton, The Babysiter's Club, Sweet Valley High, Goosebumps, Point Horror, Point Romance, etc. Then for GCSE English we had a Sylvia Plath poem ('Mirror') in our anthology. I remembered that she was often referred to in one of my favourite films 10 Things I… Continue reading Why I love: The Bell Jar