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Favourites from the Tesco Baby and Toddler Event

When I found out I was pregnant I signed up for every Baby Club going, so I’m getting a constant stream of emails full of amazing offers. Tesco’s baby and toddler event finishes tomorrow and there is so much that I’m tempted by, including all of these incredible nappy cakes.

baby boy nappy cake arrangement from tesco
Baby boy nappy cake arrangement, was £50.95, now £45.85

baby boy nappy bouquet from tesco
Baby boy nappy bouquet, was £18.25, now £16.42

bright baby hamper from tesco
Bright baby hamper, was £116.50, now £104.85

white clothes bouquet from tesco
White clothes bouquet, was £23.95, now £21.55

baby walker from tesco
Baby walker, was £50.00, now £27.00

baby bath from tesco
Baby bath, was £13.00, now £8.50

bedroom and bath thermometer from tesco
Bath and bedroom thermometer, £16.49

teether from tesco
Teether, was £1.50, now £1.00

bath time baby gift basket
Bath time gift basket, was £49.95, now £44.95

fitted sheets for moses basket from tesco
Fitted sheets for moses basket, was £5.00, now £4.00

Now a lot of these items are more about wanting rather than needing but this is the first time I have come across fitted sheets for a moses basket, so those are essential, and that little teether is a bloody bargain! Plus little ‘uns aunt and uncle said they’d get the baby bath, so that quite lil ducky is on the way!

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