baby boy nappy cake arrangement from tesco
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Favourites from the Tesco Baby and Toddler Event

When I found out I was pregnant I signed up for every Baby Club going, so I'm getting a constant stream of emails full of amazing offers. Tesco's baby and toddler event finishes tomorrow and there is so much that I'm tempted by, including all of these incredible nappy cakes. Baby boy nappy cake arrangement,… Continue reading Favourites from the Tesco Baby and Toddler Event

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Item of the day: Blooming bath from Nonna’s Baby

Lots of people are saying baby baths just aren't worth the money, especially in the beginning - 'just use the sink', they say. I could be tempted with this blooming bath from Nonna's Baby. It allows baby to sit comfortably in the sink and looks frickin' cute! They're available in various colours for £39.99.