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Mini John Lewis baby haul

The internet is a wonderful thing. You see a link to something on someone’s blog which takes you to a website which leads you to more and more amazing things… This happened the other night and resulted in some essential baby items being ticked off the list, namely sheets for the moses basket, swaddling blankets and a changing mat. Check out my goodies below…

fitted sheets for moses basket from john lewis

This was a bloody bargain – £10 for a set of two. I got them in white so they’ll go with more, especially the swaddling blankets below, but they also come in blue, pink and cream. Plus they’ll fit a pram if you want to keep your baby extra cosy.

swaddling blankets from john lewis

I really wanted a couple of swaddling blankets for the early days while we wait for the little guy to grow big enough for a regular baby sleeping bag and these will do the job perfectly. It’s £19.95 for a pack of two and I love that the prints are cute and unisex – handy if we decide to have another one!

elephant changing mat from john lewis

I seem to have developed quite the elephant obsession during my pregnancy. My first toy as a baby was a cuddly elephant as it’s my mum’s favourite animal but I’m all about the woodland creatures, so it’s weird that I’ve gravitated towards elephants myself. When I saw this changing mat I had to have it – especially as it’s now half price at just £6!

elephant teether from john lewis

I also couldn’t resist this teether. I’ve got the baby a travel toy for the pram which is a rustly book with teethers attached to it but I love the idea of having this teether for at home. Aren’t you meant to keep them in the fridge anyways? It’s £5.19.

bear rattle from john lewis

And finally this rattle was too cute to leave behind – and only £6.00.

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