it only happens in the movies by holly bourne
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Stationery Matters, We Should All Be Feminists and mulled wine #LittleLoves

Welcome to another week of #LittleLoves, where I share what I've been loving over the past week. I've whizzed through the latest Holly Bourne, been moved by a TED Talk and listened to an old favourite. Check out the highlights. Read: It Only Happens in the Movies and Stationery Matters. I freaking love Holly Bourne… Continue reading Stationery Matters, We Should All Be Feminists and mulled wine #LittleLoves

finger painting
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Gilmore Girls, finger painting and addictive reads #LittleLoves

This week has been pretty eventful, for Jenson at least. After skipping a nursery session due to a cold he then went on to sail through the next - with minimal tears and he actually played! His next session will be upped to two hours and it'll include snack time, so let's hope he keeps… Continue reading Gilmore Girls, finger painting and addictive reads #LittleLoves

jenson 28 months old
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Jenson: 28 months old

Man, it has been a big month! Yep, we're a few weeks into nursery now. I had hoped that Jenson may have been settled in by now, working his way towards two four-hour sessions a week, but we soon realised that this transition is going to take some time. We have a routine which seems… Continue reading Jenson: 28 months old

jenson 27 months old
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Jenson: 27 months old

I can't believe Jenson is two and a quarter! A quarter of a year has passed since his last birthday - in that time again I'll be 30! Man, time flies when you're getting old. We've really excelled at parenting fun this month, with lots of days out that go beyond hanging out in the… Continue reading Jenson: 27 months old

a sunny afternoon in Mousehole, Cornwall
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A sunny afternoon in Mousehole

After all my moaning last Friday about not doing fun things with Jenson, I soon remembered that there's plenty of fun to be had for no money - when the weather is good. I spent the Bank Holiday weekend ticking 'playing on the beach' and 'picnic in the park' off my summer bucket list and… Continue reading A sunny afternoon in Mousehole

jenson at paradise park
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Friday Favourites #40

I have a lot of mum guilt and often worry that I'm not doing enough fun stuff with Jenson. The kid is easy to please and loves an hour at the park but sometimes I wish we had a car or more money for bigger adventures. Fortunately we had a couple of awesome days last… Continue reading Friday Favourites #40

jenson 26 months old
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Jenson: 26 months old

When people ask me how old Jenson is now I keep saying that he's just turned two, when in fact that was two months ago. Seriously, where is the time going?! Following last month's update we've been for his hearing test and had the follow-up with the Health Visitor. He slept all the way through… Continue reading Jenson: 26 months old

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Flow magazine, hearing tests and Play-Doh! #LittleLoves

It's been a funny ol' week and felt very much 'business as usual' but still with little moments to treasure. Here are some of my highlights. Read: I bought Flow magazine for the first time a year or two ago and fell in love with it instantly - but £10 an issue is quite expensive… Continue reading Flow magazine, hearing tests and Play-Doh! #LittleLoves

jenson 25 months old
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Jenson: 25 months old

I don't want to be one of those parents who says 'my son is 25 months old' instead of 'my son is two' but it makes it easier for these monthly update posts. I'm not sure how long I'm going to keep them up for but when he's still changing month by month it makes… Continue reading Jenson: 25 months old

2017 summer bucket list
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Summer bucket list 2017

Now that another half-term is behind us and summer is inching ever closer, I've got to thinking about things I want to do this summer in Cornwall - in particular fun and affordable things we can do as a family. Here's what I've come up with. 1. Visit the Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens. Taking Jenson anywhere… Continue reading Summer bucket list 2017