2017 summer bucket list
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Summer bucket list 2017

Now that another half-term is behind us and summer is inching ever closer, I've got to thinking about things I want to do this summer in Cornwall - in particular fun and affordable things we can do as a family. Here's what I've come up with. 1. Visit the Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens. Taking Jenson anywhere… Continue reading Summer bucket list 2017

memories from jenson's second year
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Memories from Jenson’s second year

When I was pregnant I bought a 'one line a day' journal to record Jenson's first five years and I'm sharing some highlights on/near each birthday. You can catch up on his first year here. Below are some faves from his second year. 30 May 2016: Your first birthday was the perfect day - gorgeous… Continue reading Memories from Jenson’s second year

jenson's second birthday
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Jenson: Two years old

Jenson turned two yesterday. Two! And he was an absolute angel. I don't know if I'm over-romanticizing it because I know that so many little kid things he does could be the last but I'm savouring the small things even more these days, like his bedtime bottles (yes, even though he's two!) and wanting to… Continue reading Jenson: Two years old

Jenson sleeping two years old
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Self-Care Sunday #14

This is a face I've seen a lot of this week. I know I've mentioned sleep in my self-care tips before but in a week where I've been busy at work and had a not particularly well child on my hands while I've been at home, sleep has been key. I've left the dishes til… Continue reading Self-Care Sunday #14

Jenson 23 months old
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Jenson: 23 months

Holy crap, when I come to write Jenson's next update he'll be two years old! We've got a lot of birthday planning to do before then. The biggest decision is deciding on a party theme: Moana or Dory. For the last few weeks Moana was his favourite film and it always gets him singing and… Continue reading Jenson: 23 months

my life in photos: april 2017
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My life in photos: April 2017

Happy Bank Holiday Monday! Sorry to those of you who don't get an extra day off :( 1 May means time to reflect on an awesome month and look forward to all the excitement to come. For me, April was the month with annual leave and National Stationery Week, with May bringing a busy month… Continue reading My life in photos: April 2017

Papergang April 2017
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The Good Fight, biscuit decorating and Papergang #LittleLoves

How is my annual leave nearly over :( Fortunately I'm off again in a few weeks for Jenson's birthday and I feel like I've been productive with my time this week. I've been out in the sun, spent time with the family and caught up with friends. And we've got another birthday party tomorrow -… Continue reading The Good Fight, biscuit decorating and Papergang #LittleLoves

storytime at the craft box
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Storytime at The Craft Box

I've blogged before about how much I love The Craft Box in Penzance (there's also one in Helston) but it needs another shout out thanks to recent additions. It's fun for all the family, a great place to make a personal gift and there's always tasty treats. Recently owner April has added a cute play… Continue reading Storytime at The Craft Box

nosy crow book review
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Book review: New releases from Nosy Crow

Jenson and I were sent the cutest book as an early Mother's Day present a couple of weeks ago.  I tell him I love him countless times a day and I'm looking forward to the day he says it back. How adorable is this cover? I love that it's about a mummy, daddy and baby… Continue reading Book review: New releases from Nosy Crow