My life in photos: January-February 2015

I really wanted to get in the habit of doing a photo a day this year but it completely slipped my mind. Instead, I’m trying to aim for at least one every other day going forward, so I can do a little 16-square to wrap up each month. I don’t have much from the first half of this year, so here is a selection from my Instagram account.

my life in photos: january-february 2015

1-2: My first walk on the beach and ice cream of the year
3: More ice cream fun times in St Ives
4: Pancake day!
5-6: Lunch with a view in St Ives
7: One of the many ‘joys’ of pregnancy!
8: Pregnancy cravings – cheesey chips with salad cream!
9: Shopping for baby
11: Too many cake sales at work!
12: Pretty sunset while waiting for the bus home from work
13: Eating my Ready Brek off my bump!
14: Took mum out for lunch for her birthday
15: Falling in love with everyone else’s dogs
16: Walks on the beach

Have a great March!

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