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Plymouth shopping haul

I ventured over the bridge to Plymouth a couple of weeks ago and stocked up on some essential items. I had previously gone through all of the baby stuff we’ve accumulated and realised that there’s actually not much left to get, especially clothes-wise. I still managed to spend the best part of £80 in Primark but picked up a few bits for myself too, including some great pumps from New Look for when my puffy ankles go down! Here’s my epic hawl…


We’ve already got a couple of sleeping bags but I wanted to get a sleeveless, slightly thicker one for cooler summer nights. Primark is full of bloody bargains and this one is super-cute – and also unisex (handy if I ever decide to put myself through this again!)

baby sleeping bag from Primark

baby sleeping bag from Primark

I made sure to not buy any clothes for younger than six months (I reckon I’ve got over a dozen full outfits for each age range from newborn to six months) and there was plenty on offer. I even got a cardigan for when he’s two years old cos it was a mere fiver!

dinosaur shirt from primark

boy's cardigan from primark

boys bear hug t-shirt from primark

boys dinosaur t-shirts from primark

baby christmas socks from primark

I couldn’t fecking resist this adorable flat cap! Look at the wee doggies!

boy's hat from primark

boy's hat from primark

We were also short on cuddle robes. I reckon it’s handy to have a good couple but most of the hooded ones were £10-15 online. Not in Primark! I bought two!

cuddle robes from primark

You also can’t go wrong with little newborn hats and scratch mitts – he’ll/I’ll always be losing them!

scratch mitts and hats from primark

scratch mitts and hats from primark

They also do two packs of baby wipes for £1! I’m going to try a couple of different brands to see what he gets on with but you can’t go wrong for a quid.

baby wipes from primark

I bought some special non-bio washing machine tablets from Asda and plan to wash his clothes separately in case of super-sensitive skin, so a separate laundry hamper will come in handy.

laundry hamper from primarklaundry hamper from primark

And, of course, i got some stuff for myself! Mainly pregnancy related, as I’m focusing on the hospital bag at the moment. I got some new PJ bottoms and underwear in the next size up, as well as some (amazing Harry Potter) jogging bottoms for coming home from the hospital.

rabbit PJ bottoms from Primark

knickers from primark

knickers from primark

And socks! Everyone needs socks! I got a couple of thermal pairs as well as some fun pairs for the summer.

socks from primark

New Look

I also couldn’t leave these adorable baby blue pumps behind. Of course, I won’t be wearing them for a while, but that’s ok because it’s pissing down with rain lately and they’re perfect for the spring/summer.

pumps from new look


I browsed their website a few days before (more on my faves later in the week) and had to make sure I called in. I was properly impressed! Their jeans were buy one get one half price and there was loads of other adorableness. I stuck to my six months plus rule, however, I’m not really one for dressing kids in ‘grown up’ clothes (babies should look like babies) but I kinda wanted some cute little outfits for when we go out over Christmas. Look at these adorable outfits!

baby boy outfits from H&M

baby boy cardigan from H&M

baby boy cardigan from H&M

And look at these adorable jogging bottoms! N’aww!

jogging bottoms from H&M


I’ve been keeping an eye out for more postcards for my office wall and picked up these beauties from Paperchase. I can’t wait to decorate the new office.

inspirational postcards from paperchase

And that’s all folks! Helluva trip!

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