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Baby carrier vs pushchair

The other day I was on the bus coming home from work and two families were unable to get on the bus because the one pushchair space was taken up. I was on the Truro to Penzance bus which runs every half hour on a weekday, and it was already running 15 minutes late due to roadworks, so I really felt the pain of the parents who couldn’t get on. It made me wonder what I’ll do in that situation as neither of us drive and rely on buses to get us places. We live walking distance from town and the big supermarkets but if we want to go out anywhere fun for the day, it could prove difficult.

cosatto travel system from Mothercare

I posted about this on Facebook, along with a note to self about getting a baby carrier, and was surprised (and touched) to receive so many comments on this from my parent friends. They proved super-helpful and I thought I’d share them here in case they can be of help to any pregnant readers.

Me: Two families with pushchairs couldn’t get on the bus just now because the one pushchair space was already taken. This bodes well… Must add baby carrier to the shopping list.

Sam: Never used the pram with my younger two! Carriers are much easier, have a look at the Ergo ones.

Me: I think a carrier will be handy when out and about when he’s a bit bigger but the pram/buggy is great for hooking everything else on and letting him just lie down and sleep. And be shaded from the sun… A newborn in the summer sounds fun!

Sam: My summer babies were 100x easier than my winter boy. They get used to going to sleep when it’s daylight etc.

Emily: Noooo don’t, that was going to be my new baby gift for you he he. Now the surprise is out the bag, check out Kali Sling. I don’t even use a pushchair for Ernie…

Cat: Or get a lightweight stroller if you know you’ll be using a bus(most lie flat from birth now a day’s anyway, I got cosattos with mine). I think people are plebs taking massive travel systems out on the bus!

Kate: Sling meets are great to go try out loads of different ones. When they have clingy days and won’t sleep anywhere but you, you can wear them round the house and they will sleep perfectly content! There are wraps and slings and all sorts that are so so good and you can breast feed in them on the go as well I can try add you to the sling meet Facebook page if you like loads of advice and pics etc for mums.

Me: Sounds handy for breastfeeding on the go and when pottering around the house.

Pheona: I loved my Manducca baby carrier! Expensive, but really well made.

Michelle: Carriers are fab!! Def recommend.

Heather: If you ever need a chat about sling ima little obsessed. Def a preferred method of transport here!

Kyla: We have yet to try out the baby carrier as Tyon was a bit too small for it at birth. Our plan is to use carrier when we need to take him to busy places or by bus. Push chair is for places we can walk or get the train to.

Me: Good shout. Luke suggested waiting til he is a bit bigger for the carrier. Because we don’t drive I think the pram/buggy will be used a lot anyways. It’s good to have options.

Kyla: Depends how big baby is when they come out, most carriers are for babies 8lb and up. Tyon has only just reached 8lb at 4 weeks haha.

Are there are any other mums reading this who’d like to weight in on the debate? What did you use – pram, buggy, sling, carrier? How did you find public transport? Let me know!

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