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National Stationery Week: Get organised day

We moved house a month ago today and the most presentable (and most used) room of the house is the office. I’m loving my new set-up and, although I’m still not ready to share photos of the whole house (I have surprisingly high standards!), now seems a perfect time to share some office pictures. Here’s my new desk – table top (£8.00) and legs (£2.25 each) from Ikea

new office desk

Because my new desk is not as long as my old one, and doesn’t have storage in the legs, I also got this unit (£55.00) from Ikea. It’s perfect for housing my writing, blogging and marketing books, as well as some notebooks and stationery bits and pieces – plus some cool special edition Batman comics!

new office storage

There are some essentials for my staying organised, such as my dinosaur note holder (WH Smith), pen pot (£4.02 from Amazon), magazine files (£7.19 each from Amazon), in trays (£4.61 each from Amazon) and planner (£13.95 from Bread & Jam), plus I keep my smaller, unused notebooks handy on my desk, surrounded by my owl bookends (from Yumi).

What are your office essentials for ensuring you’re organised?

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