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My life in photos: September 2015

Can you believe it’s October already? It’s practically autumn and I’m writing this after a baking hot Cornish day – the fuck? In case you missed the last month’s worth of posts, here’s a little look at what I’ve been up to.

my september in photos 2015

1. I jazzed up my Super Noodles with a rather pretty heart-shaped bowl. It makes all the difference!
2 & 3. I really need some decent waterproof shoes and ordered these from Joe Browns. They looked a bit too different from the pictures online so I ended up sending them back. Back to the drawing board!
4. I love writing in Jenson’s five-year memory book at the end of each day. There may be a few too many entries about his bowel movements…
5. Cooler days means time to dig out the slipper socks!
6. Amazing snacks from a bargain store in Truro
7. My new wall planner arrived from The Green Gables with some ‘happy post day’ stickers for me to share the love
8. Yummy cakes from Lavenders in Penzance. Part of my five a day, right?
9. There was a fucking huge spider in the house the other day! I eventually managed to trap it for Luke to deal with when he came home
10. Jenson loves his slumber buddy. We don’t use the music as it sounds a bit tinny but he loves the stars. We have it on a 15-minute timer, which is great for when he’s falling asleep or disturbs in the night
11. I wanted to get Jenson a ball pit ready for when he sits up. Turns out the pit was a bit bigger than expected. This is it with just one bag of balls in it…
12. We’ve been getting out and about a bit more and had lunch with John in The Vault
13. When Jenson falls asleep on me I can’t help but stare for a while
14. I made oat and raisin cookies for a Macmillan coffee morning at a friend’s house. She raised over £100 – impressive!
15. We met Toni for tea and cake at The Front Room in Penzance – she thinks Jenson is a bit yummy!
16. I went back to roller derby last week! I had to dig my gear out of the cupboards and check they weren’t stinking after three years in storage.

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