Five happy things #1

I regularly see posts from some of my favourite bloggers sharing things that have made them happy during the week and this week has been so incredible that I’ve been felt inclined to share my own little list.

They say that after having a baby it can take a while before you start to feel like yourself again and this week I felt almost there. Sure, I’m still exhausted most of the time and maternity pay has meant that I don’t have much (any!) of a disposable income but I’ve felt really sociable over the last week. Can every week be like this please?

1. Friends who are great with babies
One friend in particular stands out here – as soon as Jenson was born she was the first to ask to get on the waiting list of visitors when we got home. Not only does she regularly pop round with homemade chocolate cake (!), she is bloody brilliant with Jenson. Most people are quick to hand other people’s crying babies back to their parents but she will rock him to sleep and put him down for a nap – even though it makes her arm go to sleep! We want her to move in!

Jenson & Nanny

2. Grandparents who live close by
I’m totally aware of how lucky I am that my mum lives nearby and will watch Jenson when we want a bit of a break. We drop him at my parents’ house when we pop to the cinema for an afternoon screening, my mum will wander around town with him when I get my hair done and she’ll sleep on our sofa for the night so we can go out for a couple of hours and have a whole alcoholic beverage or two! Last night we caught up with some old friends and went bowling – it was amazing! Little things…

3. Nights off
See above. Last night was the third night my mum has stayed over and took care of the night feed/s. It’s so good to not have to get up and put his dummy back in when he wakes up and wants it. And even though he tends to wake for just one feed and goes straight back to sleep after, it’s amazing to not have my sleep interrupted.

4. Roller derby
Three and a half years ago, Penzance started its first roller derby team, the Rapscallion Rollers. We were all newbies and were taught by other members of the Cornwall Roller Derby league. A few months in I had to call it a day as we moved to Camborne and, without being able to drive, it was too difficult to get to training. Then we moved back to Penzance back in April and I was determined to sign up for Fresh Meat after recovering from having Jenson. I started back last week and it’s so great to be able to have a couple of hours to myself each week – even if I end up battered and bruised. It’s so much fun and I plan to blog about my skating adventures over, so stay tuned!

old friends

5. Catching up with friends
I have two truly incredible Mummy Friends who I meet up with every week or two. Their babies are four weeks older and four days younger than Jenson, so it’s great that they will grow up together and have company when we have a good natter over coffee and cake. We met at pregnancy yoga and antenatal classes and they have been invaluable over the last few months. If you’re pregnant I really do recommend popping to some baby/pregnancy groups pre-birth as it’s great to have friends in the same boat as you when you’re a mum; you don’t have to apologise for a messy house or a cranky baby and you don’t feel like you have to fix your face or do your hair – they get it!

When you have a baby it can be hard to keep in touch with friends who don’t have children and this week I’ve managed to catch up with some golden oldies. A friend of mine is a Matron in a nursing home and obvs super-busy and another lives in Essex now, so we don’t get to meet up all that often at the best of times. Becks popped down for a few days this week so they popped over one evening to see us and have a squidge with the little cutie before he went to bed. I didn’t take any photos when I saw any of my fabulous friends this week (what’s that about?!) so here are some golden oldies. The first is of me, Becks and John way back when – we’ve been friends since college (well over a decade now!) and this was taken on a particularly special Mazey Eve (the night before Mazey Day, back when there was live music and beer tents on the prom).

Last night’s bowling sesh was spent with the beauties in the middle photo. This was taken five years ago – two months before me and Luke got together. We all used to work together and went out a lot socially but now that we have different jobs and moved house a million times it’s hard to find time when we’re all free. But last night felt like nothing had change, which was amazing.

The photo on the far right is of me and my old housemate in our first year at uni. We met up today for the first time in eight years! She and her fiance are in Cornwall for a few days and it would have been sooo rude not to have finally seen each other after all this time. She bleddy loves red pandas so we took Jenson to Paradise Park (a few photos will follow). This is my favourite photo of us, taken on a night out at Reflex in Southampton. I think I’ve still got my Madonna bra knocking about somewhere…

It has been a great few days and I’m going to spend the next week looking forward to spending 15 consecutive days with my two favourite boys as Luke has two weeks’ holiday coming up. Yay!

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