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Follow Friday #28

You may have noticed that my Follow Friday posts have a slightly different format now. Whenever other bloggers share posts they love, they throw in a little bit about why they liked it, rather than just sharing the title of the blog post. I’ve decided to try it out this week as sometimes the titles aren’t particularly clear. Let me know what you think of the new style.

follow friday


This contract between pregnant women and their bodies rang a few too many bells. If only it was possible! As did Jess’ post on “fanny bone ache“! The joy of pregnancy…

A study has shown that kids benefit more when their dads read to them. I’m the primary reader at the moment as I’m home with Jenson more but I hope that as he gets older Luke will read with him before bed and do fun voices – like my dad always did with us!

Chloe and Evie prove that it’s possible to take your little ‘un to the beach in the rain without them getting soaked.

We’re going to be starting baby-led weaning in a few weeks and I’ve been bookmarking loads of recipes, including Helen’s banana rice pudding and Jane’s cauliflower mashed potato.

Make it

I’m always on the look out for simple recipes to whip up once Luke gets home from work and this sausage and Magners casserole looks amazing. But when pizza is an option for tea, there are no other options! I love Kerry’s collections of homemade pizza recipes.


The world and its mother is going on about the evils of social media at the moment but the always fabulous Hannah Gale reminds us why Instagram is actually really good for us and Gillian has a positive take on social media as a whole.

Some of my favourite bloggers have some great advice series running at the moment, including Kerry’s post on how she made over £2000 blogging last month and Cloe’s free stats printable.


Not where you thought you’d be at your age? Working a job not remotely related to your degree? Over-worked and under-paid? Feel like you’re selling out to pay the bills so you can work on your own fun side projects? Hannah has the perfect post on why it’s ok if your career doesn’t go to plan. I needed this in my life so bad!

Elizabeth’s post on 100 things to do this Christmas has had me thinking about traditions I want to start with Jenson – blog post coming soon!


I don’t get much of a chance to read these days but I’ve added rather a lot of books to my Christmas list ready for when I go back to work in February, including Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic to the Rescue.

New favourite blog

Cocochic – this gal writes blog posts that other bloggers can totally relate to, with posts such as is ‘blogger’ a dirty word?.

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