pinterest for bloggers

Pinterest for bloggers

I created my first pin five years ago. 21,361 pins later I've gained 15,000 followers and have had as many as 84,000 viewers a month. Not too shabby, right? So I've created a little post about how to get started when it comes to using Pinterest to promote your blog or small business. Setting up… Continue reading Pinterest for bloggers

saturday share_blue
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Saturday Share #86

Whether you want blogging tips, travel inspiration or unicorn hot chocolate, you can find everything you're looking for in the blogosphere this week. Valentines schmalentines. I adored Louise's post on Galentines. So much wanderlust, including fantasising about Paris (again!), Byron Bay and Belfast. And so many recipes to drool over too, including lemon sherbert cake,… Continue reading Saturday Share #86

social media planner from la la land
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Item of the day: Social media planner from La La Land

New to the world of blog planners is La La Land's social media planner. It's only £8.00 and will set you up for six months, with dateless pages for planning your social media posts (obvs) plus separate pages for ideas and campaigns. Fun! Social media planner, £8.00 I'd love it if you could take five… Continue reading Item of the day: Social media planner from La La Land

top tips for marketing your blog or small business
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Ten top tips for marketing your blog or small business

In the year before Jenson was born, I was lucky enough to go on a couple of short marketing courses for work. Although I've been blogging for over eleven years and working in marketing for six, it's always good to update your knowledge base and network with new people. Here are a few tips that… Continue reading Ten top tips for marketing your blog or small business

blogging accessories from etsy
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Etsy wishlist: Blogging special

Etsy is a magical place; if you're ever looking for something really specific, you can usually find it there. Like blogging accessories! I've found a whole load of mugs, prints, stickers, t-shirts and more, all at awesome prices! Check out my finds. Blogging day mug, £11.72+ Bloggers gonna blog sweatshirt, £23.74 Eat sleep blog repeat… Continue reading Etsy wishlist: Blogging special

little miss blogger mug from truffle shuffle
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Item of the day: Little Miss Blogger mug from Truffle Shuffle

Oh, Truffle Shuffle, you spoil us with so many friggin' incredible things! And now you've got exclusive Little Miss mugs? For bloggers and social media geeks? Yayness! They make perfect stocking fillers/secret santa gifts at £6.99 each.

follow friday
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Follow Friday #28

You may have noticed that my Follow Friday posts have a slightly different format now. Whenever other bloggers share posts they love, they throw in a little bit about why they liked it, rather than just sharing the title of the blog post. I've decided to try it out this week as sometimes the titles… Continue reading Follow Friday #28

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Follow Friday #26

I've been making my way through some old bookmarked posts and found loads of great recipes to try, blogging tips and Cornish recommendations. Enjoy! Lifestyle Why I Couldn’t Travel the World - The Cornish Life A breath of fresh air - Life Unexpected Feminist? Humanist? Intergalactic Tricycle Riding Mushroom? - aliljoy My Favourite Bristol Haunt… Continue reading Follow Friday #26

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Follow Friday #19

Each morning I scroll through my Bloglovin feed, marking the less interesting posts as unread and vowing to get through the rest later. It almost never happens. Now I'm changing things up and saving the more interesting looking ones to a list to be read later - so they don't fall off my feed. I… Continue reading Follow Friday #19