Item of the day: Jingle Belly Christmas Dinner by Ella’s Kitchen

ellas kitchen christmas dinnerWe’ve been weaning Jenson for a week now and we both love Ella’s Kitchen. I love it because it has nothing added whatsoever – just simple fruit and veg – and he loves it because it’s super tasty! Everyone says to just mash up some of what we eat for him but we’re not the healthiest of eaters and when I cook I tend to use a lot of pre-made sauces, so most of the time he needs something else. Come Christmas, we want him to have his own Christmas dinner but without having to make separate meals with reduced salt, etc. Fortunately Ella’s Kitchen have their own Christmas dinner pouches! It’s for children aged seven months and up but Jenson will only be five days off, so we’ll let him have a go with it. By buying a pouch for your little one you’ll also be doing your bit for other children, with at least 30p from each sale going towards Save the Children. Well done, guys!

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