march 2016 in photos
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My life in photos: March 2016

We're already a week into April - seriously, where has the time gone? I've been back at work for over two months and Jenson's first birthday is less than two months away. Woah. March flew by in a whirlwind of yet more coffee and cake, plus Easter goodies and sunny walks. Take a peek at… Continue reading My life in photos: March 2016

a day in the life of jenson - playing on the sofa
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A day in the life of Jenson (and Mummy!)

As I approach the end of my maternity leave, I thought I'd share a day in the life/photo an hour type post, so there's no Silent Sunday this week. Here's what we got up to yesterday... Jenson woke up at the rather unsociable time of 5.50am. Not too bad considering he didn't want a bottle… Continue reading A day in the life of Jenson (and Mummy!)

jenson's weaning journey
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Our weaning journey so far

Weaning. Now there's a scary word if ever a new parent heard it! It can be pretty daunting thinking about when and how to start the process, especially when there's so much conflicting advice out there. I think everyone I've spoken to about it has started a different way but we had a very clear… Continue reading Our weaning journey so far

ella's kitchen first foods book from boots

Item of the day: Ella’s Kitchen First Foods book from Boots

Every time I go into Boots I always have to browse the baby section to check for any deals. The other day I spotted the Ella's Kitchen Tiny Taste of the First Foods Book. There is a bigger, more in-depth book available but this one is perfect for what I need. I could have done… Continue reading Item of the day: Ella’s Kitchen First Foods book from Boots

father christmas

My Christmas traditions

Last year I joined in on the Christmas tag and shared some of my favourite Christmas memories and traditions. This year I've been thinking about the traditions that I want to continue and start with Jenson. Here are the biggies... Mousehole lights - I do my best to go every year, even though the lights… Continue reading My Christmas traditions

jenson six months old
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Jenson: Six months old

Oh my gosh, how is my baby six months old? He's definitely not a newborn anymore. Today is his half birthday and it's crazy to think that in just another six months he'll be a year old and possibly walking and talking! This past month he has grown and developed loads. At his last weigh-in,… Continue reading Jenson: Six months old

ellas kitchen christmas dinner

Item of the day: Jingle Belly Christmas Dinner by Ella’s Kitchen

We've been weaning Jenson for a week now and we both love Ella's Kitchen. I love it because it has nothing added whatsoever - just simple fruit and veg - and he loves it because it's super tasty! Everyone says to just mash up some of what we eat for him but we're not the… Continue reading Item of the day: Jingle Belly Christmas Dinner by Ella’s Kitchen