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Follow Friday #34

Holy crap, it’s only one more week til Christmas. I’m a teeny bit anxious because I’m usually all bought and wrapped by now, with all the cupboards stocked and ready to go. I’ll be finished on Monday. I hope… Anyway, get yourself snuggled on the sofa under a soft throw, pull on your fluffy slippers, grab a steaming hot chocolate and enjoy some of my blog favourites from the past week.

follow friday


If your partner is a blogger and you’re half-decent at photography, look out!


I have a ridiculous amount of books – they fill an entire room – but I wouldn’t be without them. BBC News has asked if there’s any point in collecting them. I say yes!


Elizabeth has posted one of my favourite Christmas gift guides to date.

How amazing does the Longleat Festival of Lights look?!

Making and decorating sugar cookies looks like such a fun thing to do with Jenson when he’s older.


Why is it so effin’ hard to find merch of female characters from Hollywood blockbusters?!

Make it

I bloody love bruschetta!

Brownie cookies?! Hell yes! I need to stop showing Luke yummy recipes though because he just gets his hopes up thinking I’m actually going to make them!

This recipe for spiced apple and pear chutney, on the other hand, looks totally do-able, and would make a great homemade Christmas gift.


Helen has got me thinking about my maternity leave coming to an end. In a little over seven weeks I’ll be leaving my baby three days a week!

New favourite blogs

By Her Mirror (recommended on From Roses – thanks for the tip!)

Eleanor May – she left a comment on a blog post so I checked out her blog, as I always do, and my god the girl has fabulous taste! She is a bibliophile, has a Disney Store addiction and I love her post on being the fat girl at the gym.

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