my life in photos: january 2016
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My life in photos: January 2016

Is it just me or does it still feel like it was just Christmas and now January is already over? It flew by in a blur of germs, geekery, coffee and cake, as evidenced by the following photos. 1. My brother bought me a seasalt and caramel cookie kit for Christmas and I gave it… Continue reading My life in photos: January 2016

follow friday
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Follow Friday #34

Holy crap, it's only one more week til Christmas. I'm a teeny bit anxious because I'm usually all bought and wrapped by now, with all the cupboards stocked and ready to go. I'll be finished on Monday. I hope... Anyway, get yourself snuggled on the sofa under a soft throw, pull on your fluffy slippers,… Continue reading Follow Friday #34

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Follow Friday #30

Eek! It's time for a Follow Friday again already! It'll be Christmas before we know it. Speaking of which... Christmas You may have noticed that I've been blogging everyday this week in an effort to fit in all of my Christmas posts before Christmas! I have a habit of bookmarking loads of cool shit for… Continue reading Follow Friday #30

tried and tested: oat and raisin cookies

Tried and tested: Oat and raisin cookies

I'm the first to admit I'm not the best baker. Until the boyfriend's last birthday, I had massive issues making cakes rise. Shortbread seems to go ok but even cookies (particularly the chocolate chip variety) just seem to expand and fill the entire baking try. Domestic Sluttery's oat and raisin cookie recipe, on the other… Continue reading Tried and tested: Oat and raisin cookies

jane austen cookie cutter from the jane austen gift shop
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Item of the day: Jane Austen cookie cutter from The Jane Austen Gift Shop

Like baking quirky cookies? Bit of a bookworm? You'll be wanting this Jane Austen cookie cutter then. It's a bargain £7.99 and comes in a rather lovely gift box. I expected nothing less from the guys at the Jane Austen Gift Shop!


Highlights of the week

Now that I'm regularly checking Bloglovin, I'm not missing any of my favourite bloggers' new posts! So here are all of the posts that I've read and loved this week, along with some Twitter discoveries. Enjoy! Lifestyle posts... A collection of first world problems we all suffer from sometimes - Chapter Friday On Jacqueline Wilson… Continue reading Highlights of the week