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Follow Friday #38

Ah, this poor blog is feeling so neglected. I’ve been favouring sleep over time for reading/writing and last week’s half-written Follow Friday never got finished/posted. Poor little thing. Anyhoo, here’s the result of an attempt to clear some of the 1000+ saved posts on my Bloglovin account!

follow friday


Yaz is bloody fed up of that time of the month and ain’t afraid to blog about it. She totally gets me!


I loved Rebecca’s post on exercise for people who don’t enjoy it. I have always hated exercise and joined a gym recently so this has helped to motivate me! She also wanted to talk luxury stationery. Oh, alright then! And my fave post of hers lately? This one on the importance of growing with your blog. I’ve had a post brewing in the back of my mind for a while now on something similar and I’ve felt reassured that it’s ok to mix lifestyle and baby blogging.

As if watching Travel Man wasn’t enough, now Rosie has really made me wanna go to Copenhagen. It looks so lovely!

Now this is the ultimate monthly subscription box – cocktails! Genius.

I love these kitchen hacks. So many ideas!

Film & TV

The Deadpool marketing is the best I’ve seen for a long time. We’re going next Friday. Hello, early Valentines treat!

Make it

Shredded steak with veggies and rice made in ten minutes? Yes please!

Anastasia has shared a recipe for some pretty scrummy-looking brownies. I love a recipe that isn’t full of random ingredients! Makes me feel like even litlle ol’ me couldn’t cock it up!

Speaking of chocolate, how about a recipe for Nutella mug cakes? You’re welcome.

When I was pregnant I was obsessed with anything lemony and I love the look of Kelly’s lemon recipes. Once you’ve made your own lemon curd, you can also have a crack at these lemon tarts and lemon curd muffins! She’s also got a great recipe for pomegranate, honey and balsamic vinegar glazed pork chops. Pin pin pin!


Helen has shared loads of recipes that I want to try for Jenson. My most recent pin is these blueberry and oats breakfast bars.


Carrie loves Kikki K. I’ve really got to get ordering…

Happy reading!

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