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Follow Friday #49

Time for a little Follow Friday before heading off to Bedfordshire, including loadsa great bullet journal links and some new favourite blogs! Happy reading!

follow friday


I’m so jealous of Gwennan’s bullet journal. Her handwriting and doodles are ever so lovely. I could never keep one that neat and tidy. Speaking of bullet journals, Hannah has a whole list of 50 bullet journal page ideas! I just need to find the perfect notebook to get started – enter Kirsty Leanne!

I’m gutted to have missed the recent meet in Plymouth – especially since reading Alice’s write-up!

Elaine has some simples tips for removing broken links from your blog


I love Emma’s post on why it’s ok to be an introvert

As I edge closer towards 30, Jaki’s post on total age denial becomes even more relatable

Hannah has spotted the best buys for brightening up your home

Make it

Have a crack at Nigella’s gooey brownies or chocolate breakfast oatmeal cupcakes. And this funfetti birthday cake looks incredible!


Blogs have always got me wanderlusting! This week’s I’ve been booking imaginary tickets to Milan and Barcelona

New favourite blogs

I’m always harping on about my favourite blogs and many of them appear in my regular Follow Friday posts but I wanted to take a minute or two to shout out to some blogs I recently added on Bloglovin’. I try and check into as many chats as I can on a Sunday night (#lbloggers at 7pm, #BlogosphereChat at 8pm and #pbloggers at 9pm) but with Jenson going to bed anytime between 6.30pm and 9pm, it can be difficult – so can staying awake past 8pm some nights! Anyhoo, when I am able to participate, I ‘like’ a helluva lot of posts to remind me to check out those blogs at a later. I finally caught up on some of my little bookmarks and my Bloglovin’ feed has increased significantly! Here are some new faves which I highly recommend

Twenty Something Meltdown
Not Copper Armour
Hannah Lane
Parker & Me

Go give ’em a read and let me know what you think.

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