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Saturday Share #59

Man, it’s been a great week in the blogosphere! So many people have given me food for thought and kept me entertained, with Comic Con trailers, recipes to try, must-use Instagram hashtags and even a discussion on contraception. Grab yourself a nice chilled drink (just me? So hot!!!) and enjoy.

saturday share_blue

Alice wants us to be more open about contraception – I hear ya, sister!

I’m planning on doing a car boot with a friend next week (Cornish weather permitting!), so Hannah’s tips couldn’t have come at a better time!

Make it
Deb’s recipe for blueberry bread and butter pudding looks amazing! I’m definitely trying this next week

I can totally relate to Anna’s post comparing blogging and falling trees. Luke’s forever taking the piss, asking if anyone will know I’ve eaten if it’s not on Instagram

Speaking of Instagram, Chloe has shared an extensive list of must-use Instagram hashtags

I try to avoid books and films that I know will make me cry these days but The Memory Book sounds like a must-read

How cute is The Joy Book Club?! Such a great gift idea – y’know, from me to me!

Helen’s breakfast recipes look amazing. Think we’ll give the cinnamon eggy bread a go first. And her post on trying to keep up definitely rang true. It’s so hard to keep on top of everything when you become a mother and balance every area of your life

I friggin’ love Constance Hall (mum tum and all!) and can’t believe Facebook and Instagram took down a photo of her because her belly was out. Fecking ridiculous!

So many awesome trailers premiered at Comic Con, not least Justice League and Wonder Woman!
Speaking of which, how awesome does the Wonder Woman Barbie look?!

Cat’s Primark haul has me wishing for the opening of the Truro store even harder. It’s taking so long!

Santorini sounds like one of those beautiful places I could never afford to go to but Sophie managed it on less than a month’s rent. Maybe it’s possible after all…

Have you found any favourite new blogs this week?

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